Anyone else notice the severe lack of Blue Lance Infantry units?


IS loves to keep shoving lance fliers and lance cavalry down our throats, but lance infantry? There’s only 12 of them and the most recent one is Shiro, a unit who was released in December of 2017! I have no idea why they’ve neglected blue lance infantry for so long. Speaking of which, why couldn’t have S!Marisa been infantry instead of flying? That would’ve made her a lot more interesting, especially since she’d have boosted/gen 1 armor bst.


Part of the problem is that there aren’t many characters who’re lance infantry in their home game.

Before tellius the only infantry lance units were Lukas, Forsyth and Ephraim.


Regrading S!Maria, they probably don’t want to release a 167+ BST Lance infantry just yet.


Yeah, what other ones are there? Devdan, Danved, Aran… I think that’s it, can’t think of any more that aren’t in yet. Three Houses will probably give us one or two.


Time for Devdan or maybe that other guy Danved to rise. Forsyth too.
Uhhhh they could do Atlas with a lance too…I guess

Oh wait please add my girl Mozu.


In that case, what was stopping them from making more blue lance infantry seasonals?


Probably because they just dislike making infantry seasonals in general

It’s all armor, flying and cavalier


Some seasonal units are just… awkward. Like HS!Ryoma being a flying unit. I remember a post that was something to do with him. He should of been infantry.

I think IS hates Infantry, we only got 4 infantry units so far this year.


Dont be silly. We need more legendary swords(wo)men. Only 40% of legendary heroes are using swords (there is 24 weapon type). And there is 1,5 time more infantry sword units than lance and axe infantry combined.

Also everyone knows that lance unit are only flying and cavalery. This is FEH way of life.


Unfortunately, if we do get any lance-infantry, they may have to come from Fates. We could get Fuga, but he’d most likely be using a club or something. A personal favorite I’ve been hoping for is Haitaka. I know he’s just supposed to be a minor boss, but, c’mon, who could just LEAVE OUT the King of Rallies?


Yeah I noticed that a while ago. It’s a little weird that we haven’t gotten any in so long, not even seasonals.


TBH we probably won’t get a new infantry lance unit until they add Dimitri from FETH.


But what about seasonal?


I think it’s because of all of the ridiculously overpowered units (and skills) they’ve been releasing, it almost seems they’ve gotten ahead of themselves even. Basically, although Infantry might have higher BST, it lacks the movement bonus compared to Cavalry or Flying unless using Gray Waves, it’s a middle ground of all the units, and in a game where specialists are sought after, middle ground isn’t all that good a place to be. I was surprised to see more Push skills come out this Banner, and a return of some old weapons as well, such as effectively Summer Gaius’s bow on Spring Loki. It seems they’re trying to get at least some use to old concepts and those that are for the most part outranked (such as by Bond or Solo skills which could be activated much easier than refilling ones HP to max), and the latest Legendary being an infantry unit, we might actually be in luck. But as for the topic, I actually haven’t noticed this, I have had 3 of them since pretty much within a week of starting the game up again, Fjorm (free), B! Lucina (Random Summon), Shiro (Legendary Ephraim Summoning Event), and about a month ago got a 5 star Lukas on a Banner he was featured on. It is interesting.


If you played the normal FE series there’s a reason. Every flier usually has a lance, every horse unit usually has a lance. And the ones you think could be infantry would be armor units in FE. Like they couldve easily made Lukas an armor unit, but decided that with his base model it’d be better to have him be infantry.