Anyone Else?

Anyone else saddened this event is the one that is arriving? Guess, I am just tired of the Skadi wait. Though, in the long term. can gather more SQ.

Anyone else really enjoy seeing your new team perform while farming? A year ago, Assassin was my weakest class. But, with waifu Semiramis NP2 and Shiki with both max skills, watching them farm for the Aurora Steel by farming these Valkyrie Riders feels good.


Not really. If FGO has taught me anything, it’s the value of patience. Chances are always high that you might not get her anyway, and feel disappointment all the sooner.


Skadi cannot escape me. I’ll hit the red button and deploy the USOs if necessary, but not even the worst luck will stop me.

That being said, I’m making the most of the wait by wrapping up more free quests for extra SQ and mats. This event isn’t necessary since I did it last year, but I’ll take the distraction.

Edit: to the OP, yes - Semiramis has done beautiful work for me in LB2 and continues to be a great farming asset for my bond leveling team.


I’d assume theyre gonna rerun this every 4th of july since it’s the only “American” event, dont have too much of an issue with it. Just gives an off week

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I’m just wondering why 2 WEEKS!? IT’s going to go from the 3rd to the 17th! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Didn’t the Bunyan rerun happen at the same time as the 3rd anniversary in JP though? I suspect we’re going to see the rest of the anniversary stuff hit the 7th.

I want to hit the Summer 2 Rerun already :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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You and me both. I have a lvl 100 10/10/10 Fran who desperately wants to hit NP2+, an Umu who would love the same, and I kinda want to try to get Raikou and/or Maid Alter this time around as well…

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Just like how ccc felt like its own singularity despite being an event, bunyan feels like a commercial break instead of an event.

Also do we have the exact date of skadi banner?

Learning with manga rerun is part of the 3rd anniversary event, skadi will be out probably on monday just after the broadcast… so we better ready our salty tears

Me waiting for maid alters banner.

Bunyan, Skadi, GSSR, and the Rank Ups all ran as part of the 3rd Anniversary in JP. Skadi will drop on 07/07. We already knew that from the stream announcement on 07/06.


Thanks for that information. A few more days to figure how many SQ can be collected!!!

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I know it must sound odd but I’m enjoying the lull with no real events happening after that sprint from February to June.


I don’t mind the break either. I can spend some time with my servants in ‘My Room’ and listen to some of their voice lines and read their profiles. Especially since Summer 2 - > Summer 3 -> Lottery can be a pain.

And also collect more tickets and sq before my target(s) arrive.


Unfortunately I’ve been sent to the aurora steel mines, so I can’t enjoy the break. Jack and the other Quick friends aren’t letting me out until I have enough to max Skadi’s skills.


I feel you Arte. Atleast, with the Steele, Mystic XP, LVL XP is nice, toss in some Bond CE’s and you can gain more than just the Aurora.

I’m OK with it since I need MP, I’m using AP to farm Embers n burning them since there will be a new CE in DaVinci shop. Once event drops, won’t be able to farm and the MP from event shops won’t be able to fulfill my needs

Well I do understand how you feel. Hard to really throw my mind into this one with the anniversary stuff just around the corner. It’s fine and I get why they are dropping this event now. Although it does remind me that I did think the announcement for all the big stuff was pushed too far into July and should have been earlier. But decisions were made and it is what it is.

Nothing wrong I think with wishing the anniversary was just here already. Because that feeling is there. But also fine to say that we’ve just got to keep our patience going. It’s all we can do.

Nothing confirmed but the announcement stream will be on the 6th at 8PM PDT, and everything announced will most likely drop right on reset as always.