Anyone had a better gacha experience since 24hr reset?

For example, I unexpectedly had Angry Mango spook me with the daily friend points free roll.


No to me but it seem like a lot of people got Ishtar right after the maintenance ended (why I’m not those guys :sob:


Nah, still rolling garbage CEs and more Caesars than I know how to burn.


tossed some fp rolls to get 9 bronze ces to mlb a copy for more drops (already had 5 from last year, so with the story freebie, I just went and rolled 3 more)

seemed same as usual for fp rolls, tbh

Uh uh, no thank you. You’re not gonna sway me and stop me from saving!


Oooo who are you saving for? :eyes:

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If I knew that, I’d have started rolling immediately after the reset. I ended up borderline whaling for her today -_-

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Well I did manage to summon Ishtar, so I can’t remotely say it was a bad experience. Although I’ve had a strong second half of 2019 so it isn’t exactly far stronger than before the reset. And it wasn’t exactly right after the reset. Kind of randomly woke up in the middle of the night since I couldn’t get into the game immediately after maintenance ended anyways.

The apologems got me king Hassan then a Orion spook (a little annoyed but he/she is np5 now so any more is uso) so yea def better experience

for me it’s better because after several sporadic tries with mixed but overall disappointing result before maintenance, I got my target (Emiya assassin) and a Devilish Bodhisattva within 6 single rolls.

Got my first Kaleidoscope since I started over a year ago from the apologems if that counts lmao.


I got nothing but trash ce for about 10 rolls split between gramps and ishtarin…
But at least i got skadi in 2 tix in my yolo rolling account in jp, i pray for the same level of luck when she comes in NA next year :P

Rolled 200sq left out from Halloween 's banner.
Spook Vlad & Ana, no Rinface but at least another Black Grail and some events Ce

which vlad?

I rolled on the Ozy/Sanzang banner with the free SQ. Got a golden rider card…drumroll…Got my Ozy hopes up…But Anne-Mary came instead. Oh well, at least one more oppai servant joined the roster, even though I’d rather get their summer version with Anne in the spotlight, rather than Mary.

I got Lancer Medusa while doing the 1 tix per day for Gramps. It is also the tix right after 24hr maintenance so … coincident ? :fgo_rinlaugh:

did you roll 2 tickets today?

Any Ana is good Ana.

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I rolled 2 tix right after the server came back up. First one is Lancer Medusa, 2nd one just some 3* CE.

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I actually got ozy with my apologems :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
First and favorite ssr rider, first servant with team battery, so extra bonus.

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