Anyone have an extra account?

Does anyone have an extra NA account they don’t really need anymore? If so, please add me on discord, monke#4358

This post smells of account reselling…

oh, no I don’t participate in such practices, plus I don’t think underaged people can sell online

Why don’t you just start your own account? It’s not like the first arc is terribly difficult, plus you can use your first 30SQ to try for Spishtar.

well I see what you mean, but I thought to myself that if this game has millions of players, there must be some that have neglected accounts right? But if this doesn’t get results I’ll start my own acc

Just play the game, enjoy it, and try not to develop a gambling addiction along the way.

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It may sound disingenuous coming from a whale, but working on your own account from the beginning can be satisfying. I don’t think I’d want to trade my newbie experience away even if I could have started with a stacked account and not…Stheno and Mash.


I picked my account back up with the KnK rerun afked, no Waver/Merlin/Skadi, and only prpgressed to Camelot with 3 old Buster SSRs.

You can buy a bot farmed (or stolen?) account for peanuts with big supports, I still chose to continue on having missed Merlin/Skadi’s banners.

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Since this is coming from experienced players, I guess I’ll start making a new account, thanks for the abundant replys tho

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Enjoy the game, and use the Friend thread here to get some folks to add.

You can also use the Follow feature in-game and have access to three players’ support Servants for nearly all story content through the end of Part One. Extremely useful.

thank you

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