Anyone know when Julian will be on a banner next?

What the title says.

I know his banner was just rerun, but I need his tasty fodder.

(I didn’t summon then because I was saving orbs, but I assume by the next time he’ll be back I’ll have finished that project. I also hadn’t planned on the project in question I want him for)

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When IS says so

That’s the best answer anyone can provide, especially since we don’t have a calendar



Heroes with close foil banner anyone?

Unless they plan to do a banner type that hasn’t been done in over 2 years, doubtful lmao


Probably best chance would be to look out for skill banners.


Oh I didn’t think they’d actually do it, I just want it.


Also you can pray really really hard for him to be on a TT, Bound heroes battle or VG banner.

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I was thinking more Legendary/Mythic banner.

That is an option too, but i can’t recall if he has already showed on a L/M banner, although they can easily rerun him on one of those.

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He was on the Plumeria banner if I remember correctly.

Short answer: no one knows

Long answer: IMO, his best chance is if IS does one of those celebration things where they rerun a bunch of the year’s skill banners, each for one day, and they bring back the Foil skills banner where he shared with Rinkah and Midori. That could happen for Golden Week, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


He was just on two recent banners, so I wouldn’t count on him being on another anytime soon.


We should have a calendar tonight, so if any skill banners pop up on it you can check if he could potentially put on those.