Anyone know why Raikou hates Oni that much?

(pic for attention ?)

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I’m sure part of it is the madness enhancement.

Another part comes from all the oni-hunting she did while alive.

The other (main) part comes from her Interlude, which I really don’t want to spoil for you.

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bro im not mind if getting spoiled, so just do it XD

Then go watch it on youtube or twitch or something.

bruh :((

Oni are pretty scummy. It’s not that hard to see why one would hate them.

Well according to lore, she’s an oni hunter… Madness Enchantment probably intensify that feeling multiple times.

Her madness enhancement ex only causes her to react motherly to people. Raikou hates Oni because she was known for killing a bunch of demons, simple as that.

Mad enhancement on servants who “retain their sanity” greatly enhances specific personality traits. In raikou those traits are her “motherly affection” and her hatred of oni from being a demon hunter