Anyone who like Thea?

I cleaned my barrack and got quite the number of feathers, basically I finished my 3*- 4*merges projects.
Decided to finally build Thea, I don’t even know why but I always liked the middle sisters in each pegasus trios.

Thea, Catria or Farina… I don’t have any orbs for Farina and I’m bothered by the Whitewing Lance because I don’t use fliers often.
does she have any niche or she is just your common lance flier ?


Oh yes, @GamingBro1 does.




I really like Thea too, but I haven’t updated her build in a long time. I should re-consider her as an option, maybe look at some fodder to pass along. I think her biggest issue is just…even defenses. That’s not a good thing anymore. Wyvern and Pegasus Flight require min-maxed stats, and having more even defensive stats is generally worse now. Guard Bearing is also not especially beneficial. So it’s hard to decide on a good B-skill for her.



Answering the question, she as an individual unit really doesn’t have much going for her honestly. Her stats are comparable both to Catria who’s a candidate for a Resplendent, and to Sigrun who trades 3 Def for more in pretty much everything else. Refined Sumia is probably also better too.

Her biggest selling point is that no stat of hers is unworkable, making her a jack of all trades but master of none. I’ve come to believe the best way to use her is as a tank to make use of her decent mixed bulk compared to others.

This is the main setup mine tends to run.

She’s got pretty good Spd, very solid defenses and still apt Atk. I want to get her Candy Cane+ sometime for the Guard effect but watching her wall guys out never gets old. Very proud of her.

She can also do this


Yes I use mine a lot. She is a very workable speedy tank and is a solid candidate for wyvern flight.

She only has a few flaws mainly her low atk and how she is lacking a prf weapon.




Her 5* lvl 40 dialogue stuck with me and it made me want to build her. I liked the seriousness and dedication to getting the job done.

So this is the WiP one that I just started back on merging up. Still looking for a proper weapon and probably going to try to run wyvern or Pegasus flight, but the well rounded stats do make her a reliable generalized unit.


That is amazing, you don’t know how long I’ve been trying to do that with other units. The closest I’ve ever gotten is with Kliff and L.A. Lyn, but those were always 1 or 2 stat points off

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I was inspired by a build someone made in the unit builder with Catria once so I had to try it

I should make a fishing team with her just to show her off to the world


Remember how long it took me to join the +10 Thea gang? :fgo_gudako:

I should call in @antsims93 too


Yeah but at the same time I just got lucky with my merges.
But it took me forever to give her an actual build. :feh_ohgod:

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Don’t let TheEternalShade hear this


This build is crazy and I love it


Mine is outdated,but I’m waiting on a refine possibly before I commit any further


I stand by it. For a flier, anyway. For anything else it’s a positive, but for fliers, they really want Pegasus or Wyvern Flight, given the absolute lack of almost any other B-slot options.


Well there is Dive Bomb for the speedy melee ones; those don’t care about defenses at all. But you are right; for sword/lance/axe fliers in particular, it is usually better to focus on one defense or the other. And in a crowd as big as lance fliers, Thea doesn’t stand out at all



Add me to the list. Legit have her at +10. lol

Here’s the evidence.

PS, Still debating if I want this to be her final build. Currently looking at some omega brain builds.

BTW, any advice on building her would be awesome. Kinda stumped on a build for a long while now.


I built her like this. It’s not too great, but it gets the job done. I’m not really sure how I wanna update her build