Anything I missed with my latest ARD? (And a couple questions)

Since I got a S!Byleth I’m revamping my ARD. While I’m here reblessing all my units, anything flaws I might have missed?


Standard IP Ninian. Actually I forgot I have a merge for her, I’ll merge then

EDIT: went ahead and merged to neutral, the other was +def which is sorta not great

Bit low spd for Repel but oh well. Carrot Cudgel is better than Rapier for ARD tho.

What a wheelchair. But I mean, his WoM does stuff sometimes

He needs the HP skills, otherwise he won’t IP L!Julia in earth season.

EDIT: he’s running HP/Def 2 now because he’s missing his blessing and without it the IP chain is messed up
2nd EDIT: nvm build has changed a bit, this is the updated photo

She’s there to nuke with a precharged Glacies. Hardy Bearing user, and she’s in a very protected position

She’s the one that makes the team fit together. Ground Orders so L!Julia overlaps her range with all the others. Aerobatics and a rally, to rally F!Lyon then either L!Julia jumps over her and covers that range too, or she gets danced and attacks.


Known flaws (and potential fixes)
  1. B!Ike. The guy is hella annoying. I haven’t seen if S!Byleth can kill him or not. There is however a little blind spot to the right of the mountain below Y!Marth, where Ninian is in the way and S!Byleth can’t attack B!Ike.

Fix: give L!Julia an AoE (and L&D), then he’ll have too low HP to work with, and Y!Marth should finish him.

  1. Res tanks. They need to tank F!Lyon, L!Julia and S!Byleth (only one tho if they don’t kill on retaliation). But if they do, the defense flops a little.

Fix: Replace L!Julia with L!Chrom (who would use Luna)

Ofc it’s rare that a unit can tank and kill all 3 of them, I dunno any unit that can without like Dominance.

  1. Hit+Run. If you have a L!Leif, you can go in, kill Ninian, then kill Duma, then dance repo away. If you have Mila or B!Fjorm you can isolate Ninian, and kill either Duma or Y!Marth. Y!Marth is no Seliph, he’s not an optimal frontliner, but he’s not the easiest guy to kill either

Fix: Use L!Chrom instead of F!Julia. His assist skill scares off most Hit&Run tactics

  1. A cav unit with some dancing or smiting, could kill the Hindrance structure, and then Duos run amok will all their associated BS.

Fix: Switch the Hindrance structure with Healing Tower. This leaves the healing tower a little weaker tho, so it’s not really worth it imo.

  1. If you isolate S!Byleth (NOT the dancer) then I don’t know how the team would work. She can’t rally, and L!Julia can’t jump over her to attack.

Fix: I dunno. But no one has been smart enough to do that, so it might not be too big of an issue.

Known strengths
  1. The Aerobatics+GO (previously Guidance on V!Catria) trap catches some people. The right side is covered by all three colours, with a big nuke (L!Julia) and Windsweep S!Byleth, and even if you isolate Ninian the main nuke still gets through

  2. All the ranges are overlapping. Pressing end turn is pretty much impossible for anyone but B!Ike and maybe NY!Alphonse :feh_elisad:

Luckily both are rarer in Astra, and BY!Alphonse has to wait till turn 6 to play the game (unless he’s IPed) and then it’ll likely take too many turns to kill F!Lyon.

  1. Not too bad against Galeforce. If L!Chrom is used then Galeforce would become a pain. But galeforce is so rare in Astra anyways I doubt it would matter much.

  2. Strong against Vantage. Windsweep Byleth and Hardy Bearing L!Julia. The only thing I doubt is a mage Vantage CC user, that can maybe get though to L!Julia on PP.

  3. You cannot Smite test the traps. Could you deduce which ones are real? Yeah, quite easily, but maybe it’s double bluff :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

So here’s the questions. Not setting up a poll because I only want answers if you really have a strong opinion on it

  1. Should I run an AoE or Glacies on L!Julia?

This makes her an Oph will dragon effectiveness pretty much lol. No I don’t have an Oph, so don’t say that she’s an Oph that needs IP, I am aware. Makes her better against B!Ike but worse against others.

  1. Should I replace L!Julia with L!Chrom?

Julia is a lot stronger, Glacies is better than Luna what can I say. But L!Chrom doesn’t target res, is tankier and discourages hit and run, and is another annoyance for Galeforce

  1. Should I switch the healing tower with duo’s hindrance?

I’m leaning toward healing tower honestly. Duos can just work turn 6 (mine isn’t maxed) anyways.

  1. Should I go ahead and give F!Lyon Sturdy Impact? The only other option is F!Julia honestly, I decided against it for Caeda. I have one copy

Anyways I need a favour from some of y’all.

Can someone with an invested B!Ike + B!Lucy attack me please? Plant him below the top mountain

Can someone attack me with NY!Alphonse? Place him in the same spot too. Wait till turn 6.

Yes @Z-Man I know you want to

And can someone isolate S!Byleth, tank F!Lyon and see what happens after?

My FC is in my profile if anyone wants to test it. Please tell me you sent one tho.


Can he have Dominance?


Well I mean yeah. There’s nothing stopping him


imma try that cuz why not brb

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Just realized my IP chain is scuffed because none of them are blessed but it’s earth season :catcry:

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Either way Julia easily one shotted Alfonse
Ground Orders made things scary

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Ok that’s good, thanks for testing.


I want to see my paycheck in the mail tomorrow

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wait this is my chance

Gib address :feh_rein:

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I fell into your trap
I must evacuate immediately


I’m not in any shape to test nor do I think I have a clear answer to this defense, but I think F!Lyon should use something else than NCD unless you’re specifically trying to counter Leila. Guard and Dull Ranged are decent alternatives, I’d think.

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Thanks. Yeah NCD is just there because I got nothing else. If I had Lull atk/res that would be optimal but I don’t.

Probably gonna give him WoM honestly

Understandable, Guard and Dull Ranged are expensive to get to their max-forms. WoM’s pretty much the filler B-slot for almost all situations, huh?

There’s a weird play I’d probably try to make because I’d have bonus Sharena as a tank and I use hit and run with BLyn on Astra. Hit Ninian, Repo with Sharena, and draw back with Lyn. Honestly, Hit and Run is most of my available plays because the traps make it awkward for ArmorGale (if my bonus unit was a dancer, there’s a way with double smite)

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  1. oh snap, hindrance! fonse no like

  2. what lvl is ur catapult

  3. if ur gonna put two traps adjacent to marth’s space, wouldnt it be preferable to put lyon there
    or does he only have bonus doubler

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Protection from galeforce strats and S!Byleth’s rally trap doesn’t work out with switched positions.

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i think i remember this defense from before actually. fonse was able to do it before byleth was added in without using his duo skill by approaching from the left (dont ask why I didnt use it).

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, give Duma and Y!Marth an assist skill (usually swap). The only reason why I even HAVE a hit and run play is because you have melees that’d move and get danced first when no one is in threat range. With swaps on, Julia gets to move at some point and get danced by Ninian to snipe my units, and that’s more threatening and has greater reach than just Y!Marth after a dance.

Don’t give players like me a chance with a cheap strat.


Oh thanks, that’s actually great advice.

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