Anything I should change?

I have 9 Torches left.

I don’t know if I’ll actually merge him, especially soon, but he’s one of the few grails I’d consider that I haven’t merged up yet.

Thank you.


Nope, perfect. Special means instant RS, Ideal and courtly means he’ll very likely double and can’t be prevented from doing so, save because save. Good rolls. Dew it.


That’s an amazing roll for Jaffar, I wish I had that kind of luck! :O


Well, I practically only rolled skills with him until I beat the last chamber today, and still had a lot of trouble getting SF (in fact, it’s the only Fighter skill I got, the closest thing was Even Follow-up). The other 3 stayed with little more than base kit.

Nino literally got nothing, not that I specifically intended it, it just happened.

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That’s still awesome luck. Best B-skill I got, myself, was Mystic Boost. I haven’t even seen a Courtly Fan, so mine’s running Broadleaf (essentially the only dagger he keeps getting) and Threaten A/S.

I think all my luck went to my Zephiel, personally. Unbound Blade, D/R Solo 4, Ruptured Sky, Special Fighter, and A/D Menace.

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