AOE Saber np dmg comparing


So I have a bunch of AoE sabers and was wondering is there a page on the sight to compare their dmg?

For reference I got Arthur np2, artoria np2, mordred np2, and Nero np5. They are all max fou and did their interludes for those that have them. And currently they are all 4/4/4 cause qp hell.


Artoria has the superior damage overall for the SSR Sabers. Mordred would have an edge against Saberface Servants while Arthur has an edge against giant enemies.

It does say in game press that Nero NP5 has 900% dmg modifier at NP5 while Altria NP2 has 500%, though there are the modifiers for damage to think about as far as Buster vs Arts goes. Buster typically has a 50% advantage over Arts as far as damage goes (CMIIW). Though Altria has an edge given her mana burst and charisma. So for pure damage Altria is superior if we’re strictly speaking the two against each other without outside influence. Again Correct Me If I’m Wrong. I looked at the game press website for the damage comparisons.


Typically, for damage against general targets, you’re looking at:

  1. Artoria
  2. Mordred
  3. Arthur
  4. Nero

Artoria and Mordred have interludes, so np1 Artoria = np2 Arthur, basically.

Artoria has Charisma, so she’ll outdamage Mordred by just a hair. Typically it doesn’t matter and Mordred’s kit is so much better (Secret of Pedigree is such a good skill), so if you’re going to focus on one, I’d focus on Mordred. Recommended skill level is 1 --> 3 --> 2, but max 3 before for you max 1.

Arthur will outdamage Nero because of Mana Burst and his higher stats. Between Arthur and Artoria, the NP damage difference really is impotant, but Arthur has a better farming kit due to his battery and higher base stats.

Since your Nero is np5, she’ll do comparable damage to Arthur…but Arthur will definitely outdamage her with his Mana Burst because of his higher base stats.

Re: Arts vs. Buster, the damage is the same. An AoE buster NP has a 300% multiplier…but Buster has a 1.5x multiplier, so that’s really a 450% multiplier effective. Arts has a 1.0x multiplier, so that’s still a 450% effective at np1 without an interlude. Nero at np5 will deal 900% damage on her NP, which is the equivalent of a pre-interlude ST NP. That’s a good bit above the 600% effective your SSRs are working with, but again, their in-kit steroids really do make a difference.

(This is all assuming Imperial Privilege doesn’t proc.)

If Imperial Privilege does proc, I’d say she’s about a strong as an np1 Mordred.

For future reference, you can eyeball these kinds of things with the Strongest NP charts, which is what I did:


I know it’s 2 years away, but how does Nero’s NP compare to the other AOE sabers after she get her 20% art upgrade? (Well, with stage limitation of course…)


Just to add to this, also check the overcharge effect on Arthur, just as it’s a NP damage increase. NP2 Proto Arthur NP at overcharge of 200% will do close to the damage done as Mordred NP2 and Artoria NP2 against non Arthur, non giant enemies I believe. An unlikely scenario but just to remind you :)


So…damage in this game is pretty hairy. Here’s the whole formula, courtesy of Beast’s Lair (

damage for this card = [servantAtk * npDamageMultiplier * scalingHPModifier * (firstCardBonus + (cardDamageValue * (1 + cardMod))) * classAtkBonus * triangleModifier * attributeModifier * randomModifier * 0.23 * (1 + atkMod - defMod) * criticalModifier * extraCardModifier * (1 - specialDefModifier) * {1 + powerMod + selfDamageMod + (critDamageMod * isCrit) + (npDamageMod * isNP)} * {1 + ((superEffectiveModifier - 1) * isSuperEffective)}] + dmgPlusAdd + selfDmgCutAdd + (servantAtk * busterChainMod)


And here’s a link to a (slightly less eww) damage calculator that Gamepress should totally make on their site so I don’t have to keep copy/pasting numbers from the servant analyses:

(I really recommend copying this to your own Google Drive so you can have your own private copy.)

So, plugging that in and assuming no fous, level 4 skills, and versus Earth Sabers, here are some average values:

Artoria (np2): ~35.815

Mordred (np2): ~26,831

Arthur (np2): ~25,733

Nero sans IP (np5): ~17,603

Nero with IP (np5): ~22,708

Nero with IP && 1st Skill (np5): ~25,661

So, without any extra boosts (Waver’s charisma, Golden Sumo, trait damage, etc.) you’re looking at what I told you above.

If this feels low, remember that Nero is working with 2,500 - 3,000 less base attack than the other 3.

@F3rn0 Unfortunately, that 10% OC scaling is pretty lackluster. Here’s OP’s Arthur at 100% OC vs. 200% OC:

100% OC: 25,733

200% OC: 28,073

You’ll outdamage Mordred by a hair but Artoria is still way better.

Also, Musashi starts at 20% NP strength up at 100% OC and Arthur is at 10%. I know that’s because he’s AoE, but still…Arthur NP upgrade when DW?


I’ll be honest, I didn’t check the base stats before but despite this, I’m still shocked that Arthur OC 200% provides more damage than Mordred in the scenario lol
While failing to roll for Karna, I rolled NP2 Arthur. This idea of an NP upgrade for Arthur is something I 100% support :D


Working on it.


well ty for the really long dmg calculator ( that hurts to think about) lol. Been farming stingers and just trying to see who I would use on wave 3 I assume the numbers are closer since I would have all 3 fielded and they all get artoria’s charisma.


Yeah, though like I said Artoria’s charisma is better. You need to be at 500% OC to outdamage her. Lame. Arthur :clap: NP :clap: strenghtening :clap: when :clap: DW :clap: ?




When Osakabehime is top-tier then Arthur will get his interlude


Honestly I’m praying for Camelot Lostbelt, complete with proto Merlin, Morgan, Arthur Alter, etc…


As cool as a Arthur alter would be cool I want that lostbelt to give Arthur a np strengthening above all else plus maybe any other freakin skill to replace intuition