AoE specials advice?

Thanks to the new Tempest Trials I’ve decided to take a closer look at my Lugh. Since he lacks a special skill, I’vve decided on giving him one. He’s a bit too all-rounded to have any preferences (besides I kinda lack Iceberg fodder and I could give him Glimmer to also have something to fill in the C skill gap but I dunno), so I thought about giving him an AoE special.
And that’s when I started thinking.
Why is the wind variant so popular? And what other special skill would be good as well?
Flame specials are a horizontal line
Thunder specials are a vertical line
Wind specials have a plus-shaped range
Light specials have an X-range
Overall, I kinda want to hear your opinion when it comes to ranking the specials
also I’m curious about the ranges of the growing variants as well, I know the flame one is like two plus signs combined but what about other skills, thanks

Simple. It has the best shape. Enemies tend to group together, so it’s good for hitting them. The others just aren’t very good shapes.

I use Blazing wind because i find it pretty easy to make the enemy units stay next to one another. I do think Blazing light performs better in teams with different moving ranges though.