APEX research: 30 days in a row?

I wanted to gripe about the current APEX research. I earned hearts with my buddy 21 days in a row, missed one day (life happens) and now I’m back to day 1. I am infuriated. Does anyone else think it is unreasonable to expect 30 days in a row of anything in a game?
I messaged Niantic and they said the research is working just the way they intended and that there was nothing they would do.
This might just be the maddening thing I need to rid myself of my $100/week pokemon Go habit.

I agree. It’s 30 days of paranoia - did I feed my buddy today? Probably but I’ll feed it again in case.

I’m no fan of any “wait” task as it does just what happens there, penalises anyone who might have actual life events that mean they can’t log on that day and it adds no play-enjoyment value at all. At best it’s a month long queue.

I was also pissed off at the fact that one of the follow-up tasks is “beat Giovanni”. So, I have to earn a super radar, then I have to beat Giovanni to get a regular rubbish shadow Lugia, all so I can get a special rubbish shadow lugia. The biggest winners are hardcore PvP players who at least get a 10 IV floor shadow lugia.

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Can I get like tree fiddy

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There might be a new Giovanni reward for that Rocket event starting on the 3rd. I’d wait until then for your Apex Lugia.

Yep, I’ve got 5 Super Radars stacked, I’ll stack another 5 if I need to. These things aren’t for wasting .

Niantic seem allergic to releasing good shadow legendaries, especially for free. It wouldn’t surprise me if Latias was next, or even a rerun of some older ones. Although I wouldn’t mind a couple of shadow Raikou. Latios has a good attack stat, so even if Latias was released on 03rd April, even allowing for some padding, it would mean we might see the other twin by the end of the year.