Apoc Raid Farming (for NA)

Here are the goods:

Only have Jack done right now (though Semiramis will be the same just with different HP values) but these raids are super easy if you have a native Merlin or Waver.

Kintoki sees a brief resurge in usefulness.

F2P Masters without any premium gacha options will have to struggle but we knew that already and DON’T MLB YOUR OX DEMON KING CEs FROM THE UPCOMING JOURNEY TO THE RERUN.

I’ll build this out just like I did for the Xmas one to include farming advice, drops, and the like.

But until then, reference Cirnopedia.

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Once again, thank you jakey for your hard work :cat: I’ll be looking forward to seeing the different team comps


I rly hope you made a typo in the spreadsheet and not the calcs

@jakeybitchette Jack has Earth attribute


The attribute modifier is what I used for the calculation.

So yeah, typo in the sheet but lemme recheck those

Doesn’t “human” here refer to the trait and not the attribute?

Lemme check.

I think she’s humanoid, not human

Servants should always be humanoid not human it’s why Sanson is kinda cucked with his 3rd skill lol


God bless you man !


And yea I’m gonna be using kintoki a lot this event I can tell just need to max his battery already good thing he is np2 for me

Thank you.

Kintoki rider-support Waver and Alexander might be the easiest f2p for the casters and potentially berserkers.
Not sure what skill levels would be a reasonable assumption but with a MLB CE 10/10/10 Kintoki and a 4/4/4 Alex it seems it is enough damage to oneshot the casters with a level 6 Chaldea Uniform.


Kintoki 1 is 4/4/4 Alex
Kintoki 2 is maxed Alex
Kintoki 3 is 4/4/4 Alex but with level 6 Chaldea Uniform

Why is that?

That CE provides a 3 turn teamwide Buster buff when the servant holding it enters the field.
A non-mlb provides a 10% buff while a MLB provides 15% so if you give it to two servants that is a 20% buff instead of 15%.
If you are going to use the plugsuit anyway and a buster NP then leaving them non-mlb is an easy way to reach the damage benchmarks.


Because separate it gives a +10% buster boost

If you’re running Mecha Eli-Chan and Shakespeare then MLBing the CE means you’re throwing away a +15% Buster boost.

It won’t be a huge difference but it’ll make you more consistent. This is the event to empty your stock of apples in, after all.

Tempted to run the Vlad comp, but I’d have to max his battery, and I don’t think I’m willing to do it right now.

Sanzang with a partially leveled battery, NP4, and 2x Merlin will probably be my best bet.

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thank you for creating this.
also would azamon ceo instead of shakespeare would work on elichan+santera team? my santera is 10/10/10 so would love to use her

Ah, I see. I get having non-MLB CEs would increase the overall amount, but since it doesn’t have a starting NP and only lasts three turns, I wouldn’t have thought to use it. But if you put it on the supports and swap them out, that makes a lot of sense.


I’m extremely curious in what teams you will suggest for the Archers.
Right now it feels like Dual Wavers or Vlad/Kintoki are the only way to one-turn them.

Those poor Assassins will get flattened.

The buff values aren’t the issue but wouldn’t you only have 90% NP gauge?
The max Eli and Santera can provide are 40%.


For the Archers? Atalante is the only ST Archer we have to take out (Chiron doesn’t get an ST raid).

Bryn and Tamalancer are out but she’s divine so Shishou will KO her pretty quickly

Beyond that, standard stuff—Enkidu at higher NP levels, Lancer Raikou, Taiga, Berserkers.

@Marthas_Husband Um, she’s going to do less damage than Kintoki because lower stats + no innate event bonus (Kintoki gets an extra 20%) and the lack of battery means you can’t run double Merlin to 1T. You pretty much have to run double Waver with her and that’s gonna hurt your overall damage output.

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Vlad NP2+ can basically wreck this entire event with Tamamo and Waver. You could even run double Waver at NP2.

I optimized these comps for NP1 performance.

And remember to have CE bombs ready! The event gives you about enough CE EXP to give a slight (like +400) bonus in attack from leveling the damage CE but every bit helps reduce RNG.


I can’t believe these hoes actually killed you 1st in Mafia,we don’t deserve you :fgo_ereshlove:

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