Apoc Raid Farming (for NA)

So, I guess, this event is worth applying for? And looks like things will get rough a bit, due to my lack of Waver and event CE not giving starting gauge. Also, strangely enough, for me best option would be running CasUmu (AoE NP) + double Merlin and Helena for Jack.

Hmm, it is starting to feel like it would be bothersome to use Penth’s trait damage for AoE raids.
I probably should read up on that part as well, I figured that with Spartacus raised to 70 I should be covered.

Does Atalante really have divinity?
Can’t find any indication for that so Scathach might have issues killing her without the event CE.

My issue is getting the servants to 100% so I take it that the Atalente page will be x, dual waver and those two berserkers I mentioned?

Good advice. Ana’s banner gave me NP5 Vlad, so I’d like to put him to work, but I’m QP poor again. That upgrade will be tough.

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The Apoc raids will drop tons of QP.

There’s a reason I listed Mona Lisa instead of the event currency CE.


Oh yeah, you’re right she doesn’t have it.

So a buster lancer is your best bet. Enkidu/Waver/Waver/Merlin

Um, we don’t have many ST lancers with batteries, do we? So I’d bring a Berserker. I’ll try calcs for Carmilla + double Merlin + Waver too and see how they turn out.

Hopefully I can manage to nabb a Waver for the JTTW rerun but this node feels like it will be tough for f2p.

Huh, I forgot about Carmilla.
She has a battery and trait damage bonus, the only question is how that buff reacts with the others.
Still not a friendly team and considering that you need to have a Waver it might be easier to just to with a dual Waver team and a ST lancer.

SE damage stacks multiplicatively with powermods and NP Strength up.

Powermods, Crit buffs, and trait buffs (like Jack and Scáthach) stack additively with each other.

And I just did the math—NP1 Carmilla with Waver, Merlin, and Shakespeare and a Lv. 100 CE will do 474,342 - 579,752 to any Earth female enemies (Atalante, Jack, Semiramis, etc.). That’s not enough for the highest-power raid but it’s certainly enough for the middle one.

NP5 Carmilla will do a min of 711,514 so that’s nice, if you have her.


Ok, thanks for the clarification and calculations.

I think my Carmilla is at NP3-4 or so so that team might be usable if I fail to get a Waver.
This is a relief as that is the stage I want to hit the hardest.

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@jakeyb strikes again! I’ve got an mlb ox deamon from first jttw, so I can get 30% if equipped to two supports :fgo_buster:

For sanzang’s comp you list Raikou lancer…I’m assuming I can replace her with any strong team buffer I have, whomever will help sanzang the most (CEO, Santera or something?)

unless you think mecha (9/9/9) is better suited than np1 sanzang (10/8/9)

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I do have her :fgo_buster:
But I won’t have a lvl 100 CE


Lancer Raikou is second only to Merlin for buster buffing. She’s not replaceable if you want to pull out the same numbers.

I think Sanzang is much better than Mecha Eli-Chan. Class Advantage > Berserker modifiers and higher stats really do make a difference. Plus you can bring buffers instead of chargers. Waver doesn’t contribute that much to your damage so it’s best to avoid him where possible.

But yeah, equipping those Ox Demon CEs should mean you’ll have no issues hitting the damage benchmarks.

@Poddiadv NP3 assuming +1000 atk from the damage CE (not unrealistic given the exp CEs the event gives you; this is like Lv.32-36 or something) does 599,656 - 732,913. Should be a 2T at the worst.


These raids are more about materials than the QP for me, since reverse QP hell is still very much a thing - I’m down to 750M by now, but that was with 4 new servants in the last two months, and now I’m not rolling again until Skadi.

As always thank you for your hard work, jakeyb! Let me know if I can help with anything.


Yay for having an NP2 Vlad. I usually come into these threads expecting the worst and trying to figure out what I need to salvage together but it seems like I’m going to be okay :slight_smile:


Wow, those are stellar support values on Raikou. But I can’t borrow Raikou if I already have to borrow merlin, so hopefully double mlb ox deamon can make up the difference by replacing her with penth, who is probably my best buster support…or Bunyan if team cost is an issue.

Getting bombs ready for the event ce, probably a good idea too. Still have a bunch of the SW exp CE’s, though probably don’t have enough fodder CE’s to properly use them, and I’m not spamming fp summons until avicebron gets added! though if inshun is any guide, that won’t help anyway

Bunyan’s support is actually slightly better than Penth’s (tho the def debuff can sometimes miss) so I’d just bring her regardless.

Well I’ve lored penth but not Bunyan. Think she’s at least 9/9/9 though

Well, either one.

Guys also we’re going to farm SO MUCH QP

I had 0 QP when I started these on JP and I don’t have any CEs to bonus it either, so if you can run native Mona Lisa then I’m sure you’ll get even more than I am.

I seriously would not worry about spending the QP you might have leftover from Xmas/Da Vinci.


Beware of reverse qp hell…don’t have a heck of a lot to spend that qp with. At least sieg is a guaranteed qp pit between now and then.

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i feel this. all my servants that i want/need to level need feathers so my 700mil qp just sits there.

dw, trading when? buy mats with qp should be a thing.


The good news is that the Apoc raids drop almost every single mat you need for skills except for gems.

Secret gems are obviously the blocker here but caster gems are easy to farm in the training grounds and both Apoc and JTTW have gems in the shop.

Might not be a bad idea to farm caster gems in anticipation of this event if reverse QP hell is what worries you.