Append Mats

Why are there recent lostbelt mats in old servants? Like at least they should’ve limited it to same as ascension and skill leveling of any given servant

Because when the coin system came about on JP they had all these mats available in the game and some servants they used newer mats on. It would have been pretty lazy if they just copy pasted the mats needed for skills to appends. When Waver came out you couldn’t even level his skills to 10 until they added more story sections.


Did you really want to double your bone and proof requirements or mix it up with some newer material for a change?

It’s a better balance of material usage changing the leveling materials. But what will be annoying are appends that still require LB6 material we can’t freely farm yet because we’re getting append skills before lb6 instead of after


I actually like the idea that the Append Skills are sort of late-game goals, you can’t farm them as readily until you get to the later story content.

And that’s coming from somebody who hasn’t gotten to the most recent 2 lostbelts yet.