Append Skill Glitch?

So I unlocked and fully levelled Arash’s Mana Loading this morning and when I logged back in tonight it had been reset to lvl1, which I wouldn’t be too annoyed by, but I’m also missing the QP and mats that were used. I wanted to ask if anyone else has been encountering this issue or has any information?

Just checked my Arash and he still has his ML level I left him with (4 atm).

Are you sure you leveled and checked the SAME Arash?

Appends are unlocked for all copies of a servant, but append levels are restricted to the one copy being leveled.


Thanks for letting me know, I just checked and discovered that I’m an idiot :cry:


Happens, =\ don’t worry too much though. The lotto is 3 days away and our QP problems will finally be resolved! (I currently have 345 000 QP so I sorry need the lotto too).


As much as I’m going to appreciate the QP from the lottery, the part that annoys me the most was wasting that Lore. Whelp, regardless good luck on the lottery yourself :slight_smile:

Things like RUQ upgrades, bond, command codes and skill upgrades are common among all identical servants. For example Liz, she needs to be ascension 4 to get charisma upgrade to sadistic charisma. But if you have two separate copies of Liz, one unleveled and one ath 4th ascension both with have sadistic charisma, which is important if you want an eSports Liz.

Skill and ascension levels are always independent on the particular copy of the servant. So the person who has an eSports Liz will have to level the sadistic charisma on both copies if they want access to it leveled on both.

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