Apples for MPs


Hey all,

I’m currently calculating if I need to spend apples to clear the Gold shop of the stuff I need. I should be able to clear it all with my natural AP regen without apples, except for the MPs. I currently have 8.237 MP, and I don’t expect to get any RPs anytime soon (I’m gonna keep my Stheno), so no need to MLB mona lisa and such. My question to you guys is, would you spend some apples to get those MPs nonetheless. I normaly only buy the tickets each month.


if you want to apple for mp
ccc has another 1k
the guda guda 2 event, one of the ladder gives 920 mp max
summer rerun can give you up to 1.6 k mp if you build all the facilities
if you’re not gonna mlb mona lisa and stuff
i wouldnt worry about mp


If you aren’t in any hurry to save up MP for possible future shop CEs (Teatime is still to come plus any you get if you get RPs in the future) then I suggest saving the apples for other events, especially lottery events.