Apples for XMas rerun event

Was just running some numbers and it’s looking like I’ll have to use 10+ Apples to clear my usual items from the shop plus the lottery. Is that what others are expecting?

curious, what bonus ranges are you planning on running? for each shop currency and the final lotto farming node

Not the greatest, but due to having a bunch of CEs from last year, fairly respectable for me:

  • Powder: +3 stocking, +8 cheesecake (though running the numbers I can get far better cheesecake/AP running novice! Particularly because it’s so easy I can pile on +11–I lose shortcake, which I end up farming in parity with fruitcake anyways later, and stockings though)
  • Snowflakes: not sure yet, but I did Advanced with +3 stocking and shortcake, and +4 fruitcake
  • Blizzard: expecting to run with +8 stockings