April and May legendary banners predictions

as for the legendary April banner it would be:
Reds: There are already three legendary heroes who are Marth, Ryoma and Hríd
Blue: Naga is confirmed while many wait for Brave Eliwood and as for the third character it would be Soiree Berkut so that the special heroes of 2017 can appear on the banners of special heroes x2
green: Celica is confirmed and as for the two remaining places one would be for Nagi and the third would return another one of the oldest heroes like Sue or Lugh
Colorless: I feel that the new legendary hero would be Elincia as a flying healer but if she becomes F Corrin, do not be angry because she deserves it and needs her to appear more in this type of banners and as for the places that remain, Eir that is confirmed and the last place would be Slique or Eleonora

as for the mythic banner of May it would be:
red: it was full but now that Ike was changed for July and that there are only Eliwood and Líf and in the place that remains could be anyone as long as he is a man
blue: in that color it is full, there are Ephraim, Lucina and Julia
green: in that color a new mythic hero would wait but he must be a man, Hector is also there and for the third character he would wait for Osian
Colorless: There are two legendary heroes Alm and Leif and the third character would be to put Claude again to be pure men

and well that would be all to see what happen.

:feh_eirikabulli: why so many I want at once


It must be a popular character since it’s Golden Week, right? Well, it’s not red (so probably no F!Byleth) and probably no Dimitri since I’m not sure the 3H lords will be legendary heroes. I think they’ll at least have regular timeskip alts first, and one of the Byleths or Rhea might take the legendary/mythic spots instead.

Sooo with the ones that would milk my wallet dry out of the way…

Back to back colorless legendary/mythic heroes? Did that ever happen before? I can’t remember. Could happen, but I don’t think this is likely. If anything, maybe Micaiah? Idk much about Tellius, @MrShinyGyarados help me out here :feh_legion:


Hear me out guys.

This month may be the 3h legendaries. Now it probably won’t be, for various reasons. But there’s no space on the calendar for months until there’s a spot in blue, colourless and green.

But it’s very unlikely. Now that I think about it there’s no way really. But I think IS would want to release all the 3h legendaries at the same time, and there isn’t space for a while. But honestly just wait and see

With more reasonable guesses, I would say maybe Micaiah this month.

don’t kill me

EDIT: actually ignore me I looked at the calendar and there’s only the next 3 months filled colours so it’s absolutely fine


Oh god I forgot L Micaiah is possible this month…

If this happens and they release a Tellius banner on may afterwards…

Please no IS, I wanna skip the legendary…


Stop giving me hope… all I get from legendaries is disappointment… Except Leif


WHAT SHOULD I EVEN SAY… I always get nothing from this banners :feh_elisad:

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Our first staff legendary would be cool :feh_flaynfish:


I honestly don’t care about april banner because I’m saving for L!Hector in may.

But for may, it would be nice if the mythic hero was green because I’ll pull green and Mythics heroes are almost always good fodder! But considering the last legendary/mythic were red blue and colorless, I think April will get the green legendary.
I’m hoping for a stacked green in may to, Osian would be nice because I want this mirror stance 3! H!Hector as red would be nice with Lif and L!Eliwood. But i don’t know if they’ll put duo unit in B8 banner.


I agree with people who thinks that the next legendary hero is Micaiah. This is the perfect time to release her, as a colorless tome to complete the Micaiah emblem or as a staff unit, maybe based on her last cipher card. I don’t think we’ll get Elincia but we got Tiki and Julia so who knows


It is possible that it’s Micaiah like y’all already said,popular (how is still a mystery) character that has an enormous potential to be one right here right now,would be also perfect for me since I’m saving so easiest skip of my life,so yeah,please Micaiah


Hmmm I have a strong gut feeling the new legendary hero will be green. Not only because it’d be convenient, but because of this:

  • We’ve just had a new colorless hero, and while it’s true IS has released two legendary heroes of the same color in a row before, this has only happened with red for obvious reasons (most of the lords wield swords). Colorless is relatively rare for legendaries/mythics, so I don’t think IS will release two of them in a row

  • Green, on the other hand, hasn’t had a new hero since L! Celica. So far we’ve had 10 red legendary/mythic heores, 8 blue heroes, 6 green heores and with Brami last month 6 colorless. It’d seem only fitting to add another green now, don’t you think? (Then again, IS hasn’t really paid attention to this before, if not we wouldn’t have that many reds)

  • It wouldn’t be the first time a unit shares focus with the new hero on their first rerun. Yes, Thrasir comes to mind. I know most of this are based on things IS did before and we know their real name is Inconsistent Systems, but still. I’m saying we’re getting L! Micaiah as a green tome for this month’s legendary, but this is only a gut feeling based on what I’ve said above

There, that’s what I think. Lets see how IS decides to surprise us this month :feh_legion:


Yeah if L!Micaiah is released in April, she won’t be colorless because we never got the same color of legendary/mythics back to back.
It’ll be very likely that the new legendary will be green.

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We are talking about IS , I could expect everything…

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Just because something never happened before doesn’t mean it never will


I personally hope the mythic is green instead of the legendary, because I think that has the highest chances of being Forsetti the only mythic I would care about that hasn’t been released but you’re probably all right about it being legendary green :feh_elisad:


I just hope it’s an easy skip. :feh_legion: Since it won’t be F!Byleth (no red spots available) and Dimitri is unlikely, I’ll probably be fine. Micaiah would be the easiest skip ever.


Me: I want L.F.Corrin to be Red and have Yato
GP: F.Corrin doesn’t need any more Alt’s she has enough already

GP: I want Xander to get a Legendary Alt
Me: But has the same amount of Alt’s as F.Corrin, but yet people hate me for wanting L.F.Corrin… OK

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The mythic has gotta be green
I need Hel to finish my book 3 team

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He does?
…Wow, I totally forgot about 2 of his alts. Even though we just had the spring banner, I forgot about bunny Xander (also Summer Xander, who I killed ages ago for Infantry Pulse).

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