AR, auto-dispatch, and math

Hello friends. First off, I enjoy AR - or I enjoyed AR more before it is what it’s become (we all know what it’s become). But AR can be frustrating, and consume too much of my time, especially as the meta has evolved with forced turn-one strats, Candelight, VLif, etc, etc, etc.

While this can be fun for some, I decided to do the math to see what I’d be missing out on if I just remained in t21 doing 2 batted a week and 3 auto-dispatch, because, I figure, my time and energy are valuable - so what could I save if I cut back?

Without going into all the tiers and deets, and I haven’t claimed my rewards for this week yet (because it’s still active) so it may be slightly off, I will show you the math below, as estimations.

If, say, on average it took me 15mins per day to do an AR game (given strat set up, repeats, etc), may be more may be less, i would save 91hrs a year if I stopped playing AR altogether.

If I played two matches per week, I would save ish 65-66 hrs a year. May be more as AR is becoming more cancerous.

This is coming from someone who was consistently t38 each week for a long time (50+ Gold thrones)

Considering I’d end around t25 each week doing this, and maybe around 30k rank, as opposed to VOH t38, 3k rank:
Estimated loot loss per year:
Grails: 1,500
Divine TP: 900
And other stuff like flowers and stuff I didn’t calc.

Now the flowers would hurt a bit. Mostly just infantry. But the grails, sure that’s like half a TT unit to +10 per year, and the codes is like just over step 2 of a line. I have 8k grails so far so not hurting.

But is it worth the rewards for the frustration of 60 or more hours of painful AR? For me, heck no haha.

I wanna play feh a bit less and I think this is a great way to start. The rewards do not outweigh the time taken to obtain in my opinion. I want to focus on building an arena core and imo, arena has better rewards anyway with way less time played (5 maps, if no screwups, and orbs)

My thoughts on AR: IS needs a new game type. AR is getting old and shouldn’t be the main focus of feh. It’s gone from fun to meh.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well! I’m going to bow out of AR and coast from now on. Appreciate you all!


Welcome to Club FAR! :catclap:


Yeah I do that now, I take one rematch and go with auto dispatch, there are not good rewards worth the trouble of dealing with cancer teams.


Yeah I just snooze and hang out at tier 21 and play when I feel like it. It’s not really worth dealing with all of the recent cancer released over the past few months.


FAR: f*** AR? Ahahahah! Thanks man!!! I’m glad to join the club.




Welcome to the autodispatch coasting club :feh_flaynsmile:


Does it count if I only coast Vault and half of the off season?

My light season sucks so I just don’t bother with Vault after the first two days


This is a perfectly valid strategy that I have used a lot myself. You can quite easily hit T24-25 this way. And I agree AR is extremely cancerous and unfun to play

That said, AR-O hasn’t been too bad for me outside out of the Vault, but that’s mainly due to how I have Cecilia and Micaiah to demolish the Fatals. I fought corner Fatals two matches in a row this week. In both cases, Bolt Tower or Cecilia knocked the Fatal down to size and Micaiah then finished her off


That math is actually a little bit oversimplified.

Matches that are not in the vault are nowhere as intensive as the ones that are in the vault. You probably won’t spend 15 minutes most of the time as it is rather straightforward (you can ask @TMFM about this, he took a time off 2 weeks ago).

With that freed up time, it is also extremely easy to do a bounce between T23 and T31 in alternate weeks. Just try sufficiently when you are in T23 and you should bounce back up rather easily. You should try this first, and if you aren’t satisfied with the time spent you can cut back further as you mentioned.


Hey that’s a valid point. It is true that the teams I’ve versed are a lot easier in t23+ this week, when I did the first 2 matches.

Yeah I guess my math is based off of what it took me to sustain t38 voh. It would be easier and less time if I flip flopped eh? Ok, I may try that first: 23-28 trying and having more fun with hopefully less cancerous teams, then coasting t31 to flop back to t23.

If I don’t like it, I’ll permacoast. Thanks for this! That’s a good outlook.

Cuz I do enjoy seeing my units destroy crap. But I’m voh t38, the whale team strata is horrible and I don’t want to deal with that anymore.


Having bounced back and forth recently, I can confirm. It’s really easy to get in; the hard part is staying in. (Like, a lot of mindless end turn will work.) And of course, takes literally zero effort to fall out.

It’s a game; the strategic process really should be its own reward, and if it’s not, I don’t see why you shouldn’t just get in alternate weeks and try to enjoy the other modes.

I’ll admit I’ve been thinking about leaving again, but it has more to do with not having units because I’ve only been back for a few months and I can’t tell if I would get enough satisfaction once I have more to work with.


I am actually still doing okay. Also, people would probably suffer if I drop down to T23. So lol.


Yeah trying to remain competitive in this game is a full-time job itself. And takes too many resources. I just play for my favorites now. I’m going to seriously save for LMicaiah and finishing LChrom, Azura, and maybe LKris M or F when they are released.

And if summer Chrom is released, all my plans will go down the drain haha.


Yeah as others have said, you can bounce. Getting back in is 100% free lol, you won’t be spending any time at all tbh in the tier 23-28 levels. Then you can just dispatch for tier 31+ and drop back, repeat.

Otherwise, if you wanna give up fully, it’s basically fine. Reward difference between super competitive players and semi-competitive or coasting players is so low that the main reason to be competitive imo is for the thrones and the gameplay.

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Yeah man. And I think I have 55 gold thrones or so. So I’m set for those haha. It’s a lot harder to get thrones these days than back in the day. I was the OG t28, rank 1K player. My best rank was 50 something I think ending out the season? This was over a year ago for sure lol.