AR-D and AI Movement: Help Needed

I’m just rearranging my ar defense team because I was bored, but the team I made is moving for some reason without being attacked or within range.

Any reason as to why they’re doing that?

We’ll have to see the builds for the defense team. Usually rallies, Restore+, or newer healing skills such as Rescue will cause movement.

I’m not sure if inflicting Isolation would be one of the triggers for movement.

I’ve done multiple tests, and one of the units will always move, regardless of assists and if they have it or not. I think units with no assists will move first as well, and isolation has no relation to their 1st-turn attack mode

I kept testing, and I think it has something to do with being in Duo Sigurd’s movement tiles.

The SS is around Turn 4, after setting up my units and none of defense units moved

I think the problem is Reginn was threatening Fjorm, which triggers the rally/assist AI (allies will try to save said unit from the danger)