AR-D Anima Emmeryn Build?

I wanted to share an idea I had for Emmeryn on AR-D Anima and wanted to see if anyone else thought it was worth building in the long haul.

Blessing support from Thrasir and Mirabilis.

Basically she would panic enemies while providing infantry pulse support and suppressing enemy specials with Melancholy+ and removing debuffs with restore+.

Her good HP (tied with Azama for 1st) for a healer makes it easy for her to provide infantry pulse than other healers, though I think maybe I should opt for +HP instead. Also Sudden Panic means she can scare enemies from sticking together.

Her decent defenses because of blessings along with her HP pool and alright speed means she should be able to take at least one hit and getting melancholy off another round possibly.

What should I change? Should I just not run it? Maybe switch out Sudden Panic to WoM and give her Panic+? Also possibly change her special? I’m not super familiar with healer specials so I’m not really sure what to build in that department.



Its really hard to say what staff should you pick for her since I don’t really know how your defense is structured, so that’s up to you
If you want to give her Windfire Balm go for it, although Earthwater is better imo for the more defensive stats
WoM should be used if you have a healer fear from the actual battle but since it seems youre gonna use her to reset cooldowns you could keep Sudden Panic


Could give her atk/spd pusb 4 for more damage


Yeah I suppose that would make it difficult since I don’t have the rest of the set up explained haha.
I might just set Mirabilis next to her with Ground Orders instead and see if that will provide her with the mobility she lacks in this build, that way Emm can keep up with the team while also potentially being a supportive threat to the enemy.


That’s in the PvE build I have for her lol.

I don’t think she could apply IP well enough in the AR build without the HP A slot though.


What are you infantry pulsing that has 62hp lol


Nils and Ninian /s

Good point, but I’d rather keep her healthy for combat, though I suppose if she’s near the healing tower it wouldn’t be much of a problem.


Sudden Panic is okay, but it’s easily played around. I’d just run the classic Razzle Dazzle. You could also use Lull Atk/Spd just to make her more tanky. Depending on her positioning, Guard might be helpful.

Use Panic+ as her weapon. You’ll find very little use out of Melancholy for a defense team. Special should be Miracle, she’s not doing much with anything else.


You need a good tactic if you want to put a healer on your defense team. Restore+ will likely make Emmeryn move during her first turn since penalties are plenty, after that it’s likely that your team will get baited. It can be implemented as a strategy but I find it unreliable.

Best inheritable staff for AR defense is Flash+ (counterpart: Candelight+) in my opinion, healers tend to attack first since the enemy can’t counter attack, after your healer attacked all your other units can savely engage the enemy as well, position your healer on a protected spot and support them with a movement skill like Ground Orders or Guidance or perhaps even give them a rally and create a rally trap. It destroys Vantage units or any enemy phase tactic that doesn’t rely on a Null C-Disrupt tank.

Also I would definitely give Emmeryn an offensive build with Atk/Spd Push 4. She has the best statline for it out of all the free to play healers.


Hm, alright. I was a bit iffy about Melancholy+ because most people tend to run low cooldown specials anyways, and most of the time they’ll get the special off during one round of combat most of the time. I think switching out Melancholy+ and Sudden Panic like you said is a good idea, good ol’ reliable Razzle Dazzle will most likely do the trick. Miracle seems like a good idea since she’ll be seeing a decent amount of combat anyways. Thanks!