Ar-D eu against cavalry

Of all types of defense, I hate to face open fields without too many wires. Where Rein, Leif, B.Lyn, Sigurdree and others. I feel really bad because I can’t even think. Bulky cavalry is tense.

I will have to put null C in my infantry to face Veronica that another one that I see a lot about her refining.


Run null c on an infantry, don’t fill all offensive structure slots so a unit can retreat, and usually that’s enough for me.

Haven’t needed to run NCD on more than one infantry yet.


A good check against the cavalry line is to put a ranged unit with mixed defenses, run double Distant Defense with either Quick Riposte or Dull Ranged and supported by someone with Distant Guard - Rinea comes to mind.

But to make sure no one dies, do as _Help_Me suggested and make at least one free space in your structures to retreat frail units.



NCD is pretty good but bowbreaker is alright on a budget. Having more wolf tomes makes finding the kills you need to alleviate pressure easier.