AR-D Skills

So I’m considering fiddling around with the AR-D skills, but some of them I’m not super sure who would make best use of them or if I should just use another A-skill. AR-D Res/Spd makes sense for units like Python who is physically bulky to help patch up his res and make him speedier, but I just pulled a random Kjelle who has the def/res variant I’m kinda at a loss for. The best I can figure is with someone like Henry or Ashnard if you’re just wanting to do some stalling shenanigans. Who do you guys use these skills with in general?


I think cavlines are where these shine since the structures are all protected, all but guaranteeing max benefit. Seems like the offensive ones are really beneficial there (to kill more of course). But you could see a strategy where you have some sort of glass cannon with ARD Def/Res making them actually tanky and incredibly annoying. Or maybe for WoM shenanigans. I’d consider it on B!Veronica so that she doesn’t easily die on her EP.

I’m kinda just spitballing here though.

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Attack/Speed - offensive powerhouse units
Attack/Defense - offensive non-speedy units
Attack/Res - same as defense but looking for more magical bulk (or even for most magical mages that don’t need speed)
Speed/Defense - when you need more speed & defensive bulk
Speed/Res - when you just want an AR skill, or just need the extra speed/magical bulk
Defense/Res - probably more a niche one where you just want better defenses, or more stalling stats. Much more restrictive, and user needs DC/CC weapon to really gain here. Basically if you are using tank units on defense, this is mostly recommended here.

Units will be vary a lot here, and you need to make sure your structures stay protected. But since cavs have range, they are typically the best candidates for them. Armors are not going to want them in most cases, as they can’t really protect the structures, unless you are doing some type of armor marching line defense (not recommended). Basically cavs and mythics are probably the best users of them, with ranged units units being best. Ranged infantries/fliers are good too.


Def/Res could be good on someone who wants to be as annoying as possible just by staying alive. A Kempf who cannot die will be terrifying on AR-D. You just need him to keep plonking enemies and deal splash damage. The other units can take care of the rest.