AR-D Thread 126: Y!Ike Thanos Snapped and Half of Noodles’ Orbs Vanished

Just bring a lvl1 of whatever colour you need.

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But then I don’t get the extra points for using Seth :catlie:

It’s alright tho I got them after a lot of starting over lol


Bring a lvl1 Seth then.

Ditched new accounts always have whack ass leads.


Don’t have one :breadsive:


Sometimes when I’m bored I go to the App Store and read ToT reviews lmao they’re hilarious



With max investment this is actually a pretty flattering comparison (buffs are in combat from weapons, shown for easy comparison purposes; B!Eirika gets +5, L!Eirika +8)

Greatest difference is B!Eirika ignoring guard (though L!Eirika has +1 cooldown to override it, at the cost of not triggering her special properly).

Yeah brave is obviously better with dual effectiveness, pre-refine, and so on, but it’s a much better comparison than I was expecting.

@Thehalohedgehog for obvious reasons.


That fridge on Leif and Altena’s map hit like a truck

But I did it :feh_faedance:


Yeah. L!Eirika’s is good, my main issue with it is that it makes her very boring. Just a generic godsword on a horse.

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I was curious to see how she would do with B!Eirika fodder since I thought she could use it well, and I was just shocked at how reasonable the comparison was

So apparently the bios came out for Byleth, the house leaders, and the retainers for 3 Hopes

From the looks of it, they have the same descriptions as those in the normal game

So it seems like the beginning will be very similar to the Normal 3H besides the obvious Shez

So basically it seems kinda similar to Age of Calamity from what I’ve seen so far. Same roots, just an alternate turn of events


Well in my experience they’re both good but B!Eirika is stronger and can do a lot more damage. But L!Eirika is more flexible in her role than B!Eirika. Legendary has a better EP and can run stuff like GF without losing her true damage and stuff. While B!Eirika is mostly stuck as a PP nuke (one of the best mind you).


Well, SD was going fine until I ran into a team with duo dagr, L!Sig, Ninjorrin, Eitri, and L!Caeda that said “oh you want to play the game? Well too bad”

So I said fuck it and stopped playing as usual. Still won one match, and TBH I don’t even care if I lose since I still get some rewards.


Well, there’s the problem.
You were trying to have fun/do okay in Summoner Duels and the mode has a serious “no fun allowed” policy. :catcry:

Summoner Duels-R/S is just participation rewards at this point and I’m okay with that.


I just wanted to go till one loss, since I use L!Lyn on my team anyway and she was a bonus unit.

I full expected exactly this to happen sooner rather than later.


The fact you didn’t quit after the first game is already an accomplishment.


You truly have no idea.

That’s what I usually do too, so this was an impressive display of masochism.


No, I don’t.
Because I took one look at Summoner Duels and thought “That’s stress I don’t need to deal with”.

Holy fuck it takes way too much work to make Jaffar even remotely close to good

And he still kinda sucks :feh_jaffarstare:

Jaffar alt when?


SDR/S is now and forever will be meta territory. If you’re not using 5 of the current 10 most bullshit units, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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And IS wonders why nobody wants to play it