AR-D Thread 126: Y!Ike Thanos Snapped and Half of Noodles’ Orbs Vanished

They aren’t very smart.

I submitted some feedback to them yesterday after considering what I was about to face in SDR and I was 200% right.

Player base for SDS/R is going to drop to about ~500 people total unless they implement two new filters: Duo/Harm excluded, and Book 3 prior.

Every. Single. Team. You face right now is Tike, Eitri, DuoCat, Idunn/Hector, Yuri, Chrobin, DuoZura, SSonya, NottDagr, and Palla. There is no variety. There is no creativity. If you don’t have 5 of them, you will not have a shot at progressing at all.

So, me with my giant barracks of +10s, did one match and plan on only ever doing one match each time the ranked modes come up to maintain my current glory. Because my very first match this morning was against one of the 5 guys at 7300 right now and surprise surprise, it was the same team that everyone is using.

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Wait yike is threatening?


Unavoidable -7 Atk/Spd, guard, and -2 pulse. All of them are +10 with a 70/60/45/40 stat spread before buffs, double DR with close call B slot and NFU from Prf… Yeah. Ye IS the meta rn.

If he’s not on the team, you’ve got a shot.

For the record I actually love how they made SD. It’s probably the best rendition of PvP they could’ve done.

The issue isn’t the mode itself.

It’s the units available at our disposal.


Correct. There are dozens of high threat units who, on their own, wouldn’t be an issue. It’s the combination of them that becomes cancerous.

Chrobin? Shut down by NFU.

But he’s always paired with Yuri, so add high mobility to the one shot nuke.

Canto control or hardy fighter cancels that.

But then you add SSonya for a high damage AoE and large area coverage. So you have to strike first…

Go for high range and canto. But now you have canto control, so you need a unit to be able to take a hit after nuking.

But you can’t do that because Catria is giving everyone brave hits.

So… What do you do? Copy the fucking team and wait until they make the first mistake.

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Still takes too much to make him threatening

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What’s goin’ on here?




My daily post about why X guy is better than X character

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I actually do have him at +10 with good skills thanks to his forma.

But like, an actual threatening alt would be nice.

(Though now that I think about it, he’s actually a really good ascended candidate thanks to his complete turn around; he basically learns the power of love and becomes a good guy)


This is a snail
And this is a f*cking frog



Now who could it be who suggested this?


I have a problem with him but I don’t have any good blue units to tank him with :sweat_smile:


Name doesn’t look familiar, but IS paid attention to him and said “yeah nah, fuck Cavs from hereon out.”

That was literally you dude :fgo_seibagun:


i know

Funny enough I am still using that comp with the :goat: and it still does great


Yet here you are complaining about how broken combinations of units are in SD… like I agree with it but kettle calling the pot black much?


Yes I am.

Because this comp is broken as shit.

And still loses to unmerged subpar shit sipping tutorial born cancer.

The only reason I still do ok is due to merge count and the stupidity of the enemy.

Just cuz I’m hypocritical doesn’t mean I don’t have a point.

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