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and @moomoo cuz I love u

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ok i never got the thirst for lif

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he’s literally decomposing

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i like edgy men

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I wanted a free sticker

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hes tragic

I love tragic characters

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im tempted to makea website

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Luci pooki!!!

he’s not even that edgy he’s just kinda sad
he wants things to be better for whoever he can which is not edgy

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he LOOKS edgy tho

And he’s tragic

im a tragedy in the making how does that make you feel

he’s absolutely precious and sweet even though he’s dead and heartbroken and my oh my

I luv u and I wanna help u any way I can

well if i could get help it wouldn’t be very tragic now would it
the issue is that im stuck between absolutely nothing and an endless gap

I like to help people. Especially help them realize how wonderful life is. How much it has to offer. The beauty in the little things.

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thats very poetic
You have a way with words Kitty

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