AR Defense Help for Holy War Themed Team?

Been experimenting with a Holy War themed team for AR Defense. Was wondering if anything here can improved upon, whether it be unit/structure placement or skill recommendations for unit building; the only exception concerning the latter is that I intend to keep the Prfs weapons intact.

With that criteria in place, what changes would you recommend?

I’m mostly non-competitive as I have no interest in achieving Tier 21 and such. Just looking for ways to make the most out of my current setup.

Unit Builds:

Defense Team

Sigurd: I have since replaced Blue Flame for Moonbow. Everything else is the same.

Quan: Reposition, Glimmer, Death Blow 4, Lull Atk/Def, Hone Cavalry, Heavy Blade seal.

Ethlyn: Flash+ (Dazzling), Recover+, Atk/Spd Push 4, Wrathful Staff, Goad Cavalry, Drive Spd seal.

Eldigan: Mystletainn (Fury), Reposition, Bonfire, Fury 4, Lull Atk/Def, Hone Cavalry, Deflect Melee seal.

Lewyn: Forseti, Draw Back, Moonbow, Flashing Blade 4, Wings of Mercy, Odd Spd Wave, Swift Sparrow seal.

Silvia: Barrier Blade+ (Spd), Dance, Moonbow, Fury 4, Wings of Mercy, Spd Opening, Gale Dance seal.

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  • I would take off all of the movement assists they usually harm more than they help you. The only assist skills I would consider are rallies for rally traps, staves and harsh command +.

  • Deflect melee is a wasted seal on Eldigan unless he’s facing a brave like effect so I would drop it and get something else. I would even drop Eldigan for someone better like Seliph since it’s Genealogy. Eldigan’s placement is not great as he will wander off and get himself killed plus he’s easy to tank. Placing Lewyn on Silvia’s place could solve this if Lewyn is strong enough.

  • Quan could have the same problem if Ethlyn decides to heal someone. He will just wander off alone and no one can help him. He’s also very prone to getting sniped on the first turn by any bow horse.

  • Sigurd should take the place of either Quan or Eldigan (preferably Quan) since he’s tankier so he should be the one taking the first hit. The first turn is really important on aether raids.

  • Sylvia should probably be using another seal to help the frontline tank and her special should be Miracle or galeforce. Miracle helps stall and galeforce can be useful in some situations and she’s tanky enough to get it charged. Also the same goes for her c slot. Lewyn has low hp so he is really vulnerable to panic. Get a seal that helps the frontline survive.

  • Lewyn should use a stronger special probably, maybe do luna with quickened pulse seal or have Sylvia use infantry pulse. I see what you are trying to do with the wings of mercy but I don’t think Eldigan or Quan are strong enough to survive and Lewyn will be probably left on a weird spot. I suggest sticking to special spiral and have him be a rally trap.

  • On buildings I think you really need a healing tower. Turn 3 bolt tower can just wipe your team. I would remove one of the shrines and place it there so it’s hard to snipe. I think the tactics room is okay to threaten ranged horses and dancers and the trap placement is alright but it could be better. They can be avoided by one reposition or only by having one dancer on the team.

  • Other thoughts: I If you can get one of the horses to be fast enough the could potentially make use of galeforce but none of your units make it easy. Ethlyn with flash is great but I would also consider some other options like Panic.

Finally I know you do not care for competitive so just take these as suggestions. I’m taking a more competitive approach but still I’m not an expert on defense maps since mine don’t always work. I do have other suggestions but these are way more competitive focused and don’t really help achieve your goal. I hope my comment helped :feh_nekoduma:


Maybe move your traps up one space each? Right now an enemy could test the bottom trap and then run away. :thinking:
This won’t help on Light too much because of Eir and Peony, but putting your Panic Manor on the space above the lava would be pretty annoying to get rid of on Astra :thinking:


This topic feels a bit weird… if you want to make the most out of a current setup, doesn’t that default to trying to be competitive? I’ll keep to your condition of keeping their prf weapons, and use budget alternatives for suggestions.

Thing I don’t like about this team is the lack of overlap. Most of the time, baiting this team only takes tanking two units. Adding rallies on the left and right frontline cav can allow a rally trap, but I’d prefer using lunges instead to make sure that everyone can take part of the action without having to rely so much on WoM while adding the benefit of allowing WoM snipes should the lunging unit allow it.

You’d probably prefer the healing tower doing the work for you instead of having Ethlyn use her healing. You can fix both of these problems by adding a healing tower (as mentioned, the shrine areas but also where the cav school is and the tile below Sigurd)

Speaking of the tile below Sigurd, a bolt tower hitting the entire team can be neutralized with a catapult in that spot. It hits a lot of buildings there and a healing tower on the right column can sort of neutralize the bolt tower problem.

Another problem with this map is… the map choice with regard to bad synergy when trying to overlap everyone’s attack ranges with lunges. It’d be fine on the right side, but unless Quan kills a baiting unit, the AI will usually prefer attacks that cause special effects or cannot be countered (healer staves are a really good example). Ethlyn would attack first, Quan next, and then that’s it. If the lava wasn’t there, the team would have more chances to follow-up from just lunges when set-up properly.

Silvia and Lewyn just… feel out of place. I think I’d prefer another offensive cav where Silvia is and a flying dancer where Lewyn is because flying dancers have access to aerobatics seal that’ll allow them to catch up with the cavs a bit easier (sadly, that’s just the Soiree dancers unless Ishtar and Rein aren’t in Genealogy, sorry I never played.) Even if you counter about Silvia’s HP to counter Isolation, she needs the defense mythic bonuses she can’t have from a team like this to do just that. If you don’t have a flying dancer though, just keep her as-is.

My final suggestion if you’re going with the lunge plan is to goad cav stack (but sadly that’s expensive). Ward cav stacking might not be as relevant since Flash+ is on Ethlyn but can be a decent alternative that allows you to put out more offensive skills if needed. Hones are weak to panic, but don’t worry about it since you’re not that serious about AR and might just run into panic manors instead of seeing Aversa supports (still hurts though)

Hope something in this big wall of text helps.

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