AR Galeforce Cav Options



I finally settled in tier 20 of AR a few weeks ago and am recognizing that my old, enemy phase heavy, strategy is increasingly invalid against higher level team comps. So, I’m thinking about building a double galeforce cavalry team and wanted to ask if anyone has recommendations.

I’m currently leaning towards Peri with her new pref (I have 4*+10) and maybe Cav Chrom. I could also potentially go with frederick, eliwood, swordhart, summer cordelia or spring marth.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have plenty of feathers, so investing in builds won’t be a huge deal.


Ill exclude Tibarn even though hes the best for it.

Hrid because he can consistently apply it because of his weapon. Ranulf and Lethe can do it if you have one. B!Roy can do it if you have him. Eliwod is a great choice for it. Groom Marth has low attack so I dont advise it


Thanks. I don’t have tibarn or lathe. I do have ranulf but he’s -spd. My BRoy gets some use on my defense team so it’s a matter of blessing management, although I agree he’s quite sensible.


Eliwood is a pretty decent Galeforce unit thanks to the +10 attack and +4 speed he gets during combat with just his sword alone.


A few tips about galeforcing in AR:

  • You need to be able to galeforce against the first opponent. So if Peri needs the extra stats to pull it off, she’s not going to work unless you can get her hit by Upheaval or a bolt trap or bolt tower or etc.
  • You want to be able to double against wary fighter, Thunder Armads, Great Flame, etc. and the most reliable way is forced doubles (ex: Flame Siegmund, Gjoell) and double-taps (Bull Blade, Panther Lance, Double Lion, potentially Cherche’s Axe/Amiti if you can get enough atk)
  • Special mention to L.Eirika because she doesn’t need heavy blade to get extra charges. Very useful.
  • Cavalry needs to think about how to get galeforce to 4CD. Slaying weapons work, QP is an option, and other than that, you’re probably going to have to resort to Ostia’s Pulse (which is maybe ok because other units on the team might want the pulse and smite is good anyways, but if it’s not fire season you might have to give up some points) or grandscratcher. Units that have charge accelerators on their weapon (ex: Blazing Durandal, slaying weapons) can keep their A-skill (ex: Eliwood can go Blazing Durandal + QP and Oscar can go slaying lance + heavy blade seal), whereas L.Ephraim might have to go heavy blade + QP (which is ok because he doesn’t need spd and he already hits hard enough)
  • If you use two cavalry galeforcers, you cannot put QP on both of them. You’ll need Ostia’s Pulse or one of them will have to take a slaying weapon.
  • Units that are hard for leftover units to kill are at an advantage (ex: L.Ephraim is relatively slow and his res sucks so a lot of mages will kill him and even lances can potentially kill him, but Hrid forces an undouble against them and his bulk is pretty decent so he’s likely to survive)
  • If you go with L.Eirika, don’t forget to take off the brace. Someone showed up at my keep with galeforce + QP on L.Eirika and somehow on turn 1 I saw a 5 on her icon so I did a double-take. Turns out they forgot to take off the cooldown penalty.
  • Special mention to Lethe for two reasons. First, you can line a heron up behind her and sing to her if she gets a OHKO. (And then she’ll go after a second target, and galeforce will activate). Second, if you bring a beorc, you can nerf her atk if that will enable her to double instead of OHKO.


This is very helpful. Thanks so much