AR Matchmaking Question

AR Scrub here.

Are we getting matched by current Lift and Tier?
So get “easier” Matches, i should battle only once a day (until Monday) and at the end of the day (Evening)?


Correct. A majority of the higher tier AR players do their matches first thing in the morning, so if you wait to gain any lift until later in the day, likely the “tryhards” will have moved up a tier by then.

And just like you mentioned, most efficient use of your lift to avoid running into the worst of the worst is to do a single double lift match per day, and two on Monday (if you nabbed all required pots.)


Should also be mentioned that most good, but not hyper compedative player will do this, since it is the best strat. Hyper compedative players will go gor visual rank and play early, skilled players will play slow to avoid them. Casual, to my knowledge atleast, will play twice on the first day and keep there lift low, mostly becouse the dont want to waist lift if the dont play the next day. This means only playing once on the first day will pair you vs skilled players, where as playing twice will pair you vs hyper compedative, or cassual. But doing it late in the day increases the likliness of a casual.

So IMO it should be added that during the early part of rhe week it is worth playing twice to be paired whit casuals, and kater in the week skip one day and lay low, since the cassuals will have droped below you. Granted you will need to get a feel for when it is time to drop/play to float betweeen the hyper compedative and casual. And if it is worth the low risk of potentialy meet a compedative player, to be more likely to be up vs a casual.
This all said it is verly low difference since the match making have a margin of ~800 lift if i have understood it correctly, so all in all it is hard to say how worth it is to focus on this

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I have a couple of times of day when it’s convenient to check to see if it’s a good time to play AR and I know I’ll have enough time to play. But, I always play my match at the last “check in” time so that I don’t just forget about it later because it’s normally done by then.

As a Vault player, my goal is simple: play as late in the reset cycle as possible, with a key benchmark point being after your defense has been hit out of lift-loss control for the day. It’s not always possible, so it’s not a strict rule in that sense, but it helps your defense face lower-ranked players relative to playing before that point. I do a double-lift match each day until the second-to-last reset, when I do two marches at exactly 200 lift to set up one 100 double match for the last day assuming I got all the pots correctly.

Like Argen says, the showy players try to rank up and stay high-ranked all season. Avoid those unless you’re a tip-top player yourself and are confident facing +10 versions of all the meta units with AI-manipulation traps and whatnot. I’m a “try hard” AR player but I don’t like facing that stuff constantly. I enjoy the easier maps occasionally because it saves me time! But a lot of players like me in these forums do the same, so you run into them a lot. Someone crushed my defense this last season and probably streamed it, so you definitely still face good opponents all the time. :feh_lucyshrug:


I try to play my AR-O matches as late as possible too, but I usually wait until my defense team has been challenged by another player, meaning still into the 20 hours of LLC. This way I’ll go up a tier and still have LLC, so that way I have more chances of being challenged again when into LLC, and diminish my chances of getting hit by an early “tryhard” player the next day. Because the match-making server usually checks not only for opponents within or close your tier but also checks for how many times your defense has been challenged.

Idk if this method is actually better or not than yours, but I’m just sharing my thought process.

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As a reference you can look at your current rank before entering a match.

Matches above 6k should be relatively straight forward - this is where you will be if you procrastinate.
Matches under 2k are usually more time consuming - this is where you will be if you push early.

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