AR-O Galeforce Think Tank, Session 1: Can-Openers


Wanted to share some of my work trying to compose a galeforce team and see if people have ideas.

One of the concerns that I have if I’m trying to make a galeforce strategy is that they’ll tuck their traps tight against the front line and I can’t get close enough to trip them in advance. There are also situations where they’re frontlining with guard or special fighter or steady stance 4 or sometimes even just some unit with a ton of def (ex: stack two ward cavalry on Cain and he has, like, 40 def with almost no investment? And then add, say, fury and close def and he has like 50 def.) Since I always advocate bringing a ranged unit anyways for clearing buildings and hitting behind traps on the turn after the opponent starts advancing towards us (if we don’t kill most of them in one turn), my idea is let’s find some kind of unit that will crack open a square for a galeforcer.

Estimates of the bulk of tankier frontliners (including buffs, which may be visible or invisible. High HP opponents may be resistant to panic)
HP: rarely exceeds 60 (I’ve seen some armours around this high); almost never exceeds 70.
Def: 50-55 is not unheard of.
Res: Definitely need to be prepared for 40 visible res with in-combat boosts behind.

So we can use that to make some benchmarks OHKO (and during Yune’s season you might have a hard time doubling, plus there’s stuff like wary fighter and Thunder Armads)
99.9% success rate: 120 physical bulk, 112 magical bulk
99% success rate: 115 physical bulk, 108 magical bulk
95% success rate: 110 physical bulk, 105 magical bulk
80% success rate: 100 physical bulk, 95? magical bulk
Magical bulk assumes no AoE. I’m not sure how to make a benchmark if we’re using blazing Ophelia, but she probably has a win rate >80%. The potential issue is that you might chip heavily one of the units you want to use for a galeforce activation.

Infantry pulse is an option, but keep in mind that tactics teams are limited to one infantry pulse effected on one unit, and most galeforce teams want a 3mvt galeforcer. QP is also an option, but the non-infantry galeforcer might want it.

Some of the ideas I’ve tried:

  • Sothe 5*+10 +6DF +atk: ouch pouch+spd, death blow 4 + atk seal = 102 physical bulk on dragon fang, 108 if we buff with hone atk 3.
  • Saizo 5*+10 +9DF +atk: ouch pouch+def, sturdy impact, atk/def 2 seal = 101 physical bulk on ignis, 108 if we buff with both hone atk 3 and fortify def 3.
  • Dark Excalibur on Merric 5*+10 +6DF +atk: sturdy impact + atk/def2 seal = 104 magical bulk on ignis. NB he’s extremely difficult to infantry pulse. Way too much HP. Raven and Ogma might be the only reasonable galeforcers who can pulse him, and he still needs one more unless we give up atk/def2 for QP.
  • L.Alm (I don’t have him though): neutral IV, death blow 3 + atk seal + all prfs = 60 atk + 8 damage from Lunar Flash from his spd + 45% of opponent’s def. 60HP opponents need only 16ish def to survive. He will probably need to hit twice, which might not be such an issue when he comes with null follow-up.
  • W.Cecilia+1 +2DF: ouch pouch + luna + death blow 3 + bold fighter + buffed with atk tactic (luna activates even if they have guard): 60HP opponent needs 43 def to survive, which makes her about equal with the Sothe and Saizo I looked at above. She can surpass them by merging a bit more and using death blow 4, and on some teams she won’t need armoured boots so that’s an atk+3 seal. Do be careful because some wary fighters might have enough spd to block her double.
  • Lilina 4*+10 +2DF +atk: Forblaze+eff + death blow 3 + atk seal + glimmer. 60HP opponent needs 33 res if they’re red or colourless, 37 if we buff Lilina with hone atk 3. I find the win rate worse than the others.
  • Lilina 5*+10 +6DF +atk: Same build but death blow 4. 60HP opponent needs 38 res if they’re red or colourless, 41 if we buff with hone atk 3
  • Ophelia +3DF neutral: L&D, watersweep (because frontliners usually don’t vantage except Duma and maybe Ares), atk+3, blazing light. 60HP opponent needs 37 res to survive if all of it is visible res. Could also do a few points less visible res if they have some wards or something.
  • Some kind of blade tome, but dull ranged and DD4 shut it down.
  • Making two different galeforce teams with different can-openers. For example, Ophelia can cover reds and frontliners who have poor visible res, and maybe W.Cecilia can beat most of the rest because if they’re working on their res it’s harder to work on their def as well, or maybe put Lilina because we think the frontliner will get chilled.

So the basic idea here is to send in a ranged unit capable of poking the enemy team to make way for a galeforce unit? Never thought about that. An idea that popped into my head was ouch pouch Eir since she’s used every other week, but she’d need someone like Velouria to get an instant AoE. Also no sure exactly how the numbers roll for her.

Also how would you go about getting the ranged unit out of harm’s way after you strike? I’m finding it hard to visualize a scenario where you can send in a ranged unit AND a galeforce unit on the same turn and both live the enemy phase. Setup alone uses quite a few units already out of your 5 slots

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It’s an all-out all-in. Two galeforcers, ranged unit, refresher, and probably a mythic for the last unit, or else I could use L.Hector for pulse+smite support or some other smite support (maybe doing sudden panic or sabotage atk for us?). The ranged unit gets out of danger by the galeforcers killing everything that threatens them.

The ranged unit can take out one opponent. Two galeforcers take two opponents each. We leave alive some L.Azura or some support unit or some Duma who’s way over on the other side of the setup and can’t reach us.


I’m also interested in Eir’s potential for this, since a max scoring Galeforce team would require two Eir’s. She hits pretty hard as is, and can take out medium defense enemies like Duma with just her base kit and Moonbow. Maybe a Barbed Shuriken Eir with QP and Null-Followup could pull a double Moonbow. Or Ouch Pouch and QP for a one-shot Luna.

Also, you could potentially pull a Hit and Run strategy by attacking with your ranged hero, smiting in your Galeforcer, who activates Galeforce and escape routes away, or retreats and repos the ranged unit. Or have a tank available with repo to handle the remaining threats.

I like the ideas you mentioned. W. Cecilia especially seems very dangerous with Max merges and Bold Fighter. If I don’t pull two offensive Mythics for a while, I’d like to try this. I’d go with a mage + Eir for Light season, and we’ll see how the Astra mythic turns out. So far I’ve just been using Aversa for this purpose. She only has Moonbow, but does a good job vs. high defense and medium res enemies, along with her debuffing. But I could see how a harder hitting mage could be more useful for this. I was thinking about building a blade tome like Tharja anyway for Vantage. Do you think Dull Ranged and DD4 will become widespread enough to discourage bladetome builds?


I’ll start with your consideration of Eir. The indisputable fact is that she’s not using null follow-up. That’s an infantry exclusive. If you manage to pre-charge a luna, I’m still not convinced she’s going to get through in one hit because her atk is maybe in the low 50s if you have +atk? And maybe we can get her up to 60ish but some tanks will have more HP than she has atk before we even consider their def.

Dull ranged…it’s definitely not common, but I’ve seen it a few times and I think a lot of smart players are going to use it unless they have some kind of trick (ex: Seliph prf refine, or aegis on B.Ike is nearly impossible to kill with anything less than fully buffed Tharja, and if he has extra HP from blessing bonus I think he’s nearly foolproof barring bolt towers), and it’s probably the same players who are going to block most other tries at galeforce and have the firepower behind to rip us to shreds.

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Ive recently built Galeforce WoM Slaying Edge Olivia and she really elevated my Galeforce AR offense Galeforce Team.

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How much atk does she have, and what are her A-slot and seal?

Also, who are her teammates?


That’s good to know about NFU. I haven’t pulled the skill yet either, so it is mostly wishful thinking. Im still curious about Ouch pouch and Barbed Shuriken, but I’ll have to think about it some more.

I agree, haven’t seen Dull Ranged too much, but sometimes on front liners. I mostly wonder if DD4 will start to be more common, especially for whale teams at the high tiers. It’s still a rare skill now for f2p players. I’ll most likely build up a Tharja then, since she could be useful for can-opening, vantage, tanking, or maybe even on AR defense. W.Cecilia for the same reason, although my lack of Bold Fighter fodder is a problem there.


I agree that we won’t see much DD4 outside whale teams, the thing is that if we get into top 1500-2000 that’s where we can start to run into a lot of whale teams, and some of them are seriously really good, like, they’re not made by idiots who have no brains and too much cash; the spending power is made effective.

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Strategic thinkers with disposable income are downright scary for sure in high tier AR, especially towards the end of the season.

Here’s more thoughts for a possible one-shot Eir: Give one Eir poison dagger and give the other an armor effective dagger (I have none, but theoretically).
Give both death blow. Still won’t handle the high def fliers and Cavs, but could potentially one shot infantry and armors (with favorable buffs and debuffs).

If paired with Velouria, could also precharge Luna or Iceberg along with Lethal Carrot for high special damage. Better yet, have one Eir with QP, Lethal Carrot and pre-charged Luna, have the other with Ouch pouch and pre-charged Glacies or Dragon Fang. This would be the closest to a reliable one shot build for Eir I think, but it’s extremely restrictive for team composition.

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She’s paired up with Naesala and Brave Roy. Performing Azura as the fourth member. 5th is bonus.

It’s Olivia at 4*+10. With Fury, so it’s 47 attack and 44 speed (spd boon) without buffs. Flashing Blade as the seal. She basically allows me to take out 6 enemies without having to use the bonus hero.

I may swap her to +attack, but still testing her (and she’s doing fine).

Not in high tier though, 24ish.

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This idea of Velouria pulsing two Eirs is genius. I should have thought of it rofl

For anyone who doesn’t understand, if they ally support each other, every Eir on the field gains 2 charges on turn 1, plus Velouria is a def-hitting melee (and extremely fast) so she can galeforce and she has it at 3CD so give her the flashing blade seal and she has a one-turn galeforce. The most prominent downside of this setup is that tactics don’t work with L.Azura.

I looked into the numbers. I assumed Eir +atk (which, if you draw twice, you are very blessed) and enough dragonflowers to boost atk by 1

Ouch pouch+res + mirror strike + atk+3 seal buffed by atk and res tactics: 61 atk 44 res to blast through 98 physical bulk on a glacies. Not bad. Better, actually, than some of the options I listed above. This build exploits merges and ally support boosts better than any other because the res will grant extra damage. In general, glacies on 40+ res will hit harder than the overwhelming majority of lunas.

Anti-armour dagger+mt (perturbing Krazytre) + death blow 3 + atk+3 seal buffed by atk tactic: 64 atk +eff = 96. Glimmer will OHKO against 60HP up to 56 def, which in practice will be a 100% win rate assuming you find the effective damage. Same is true with anti-dragon daggers. If you go QP + luna instead, 61 atk +eff = 91. vs 60HP, good up to 62 def, but you might need QP for some other galeforcer.

Poison dagger + death blow 3 + atk seal buffed by atk tactic = 56 atk +eff = 84 atk. vs 60 HP, glimmer is good up to 44 def, which I’m guessing is good at least 90% of the time. If you go instead for luna + QP, 53 atk +eff = 79. vs 60HP, will OHKO up to 38 def, so not as good in this case.


You can always use Seth/Titania for tactics though, and still use a different dancer.

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I like the sound of your Olivia! Mine is +Atk with Heavy blade in the A slot, since Flashing Blade seal is usually taken. Flashing blade would probably be better for her though. I’d also like to convert mine to a 4* +10. Just am waiting to see if she’ll get a refine first.

The rest of your team sounds pretty solid too. Does Naesala or Brave Roy have the QP seal, and do you ever run into situations where they don’t activate Galeforce against enemies that can’t counter? You do have two dancers, so maybe it’s not a problem for your team.


Thanks for crunching the numbers! Glad it works out in theory, would be really cool to try it out, but may be a while before I personally have Velouria + another Eir.

I can’t take too much credit though lol. You brought up Velouria in another thread, which got me thinking. Plus the GamePress staff has previously recommended her and Navarre for low cooldown Galeforce teams. I’m still not sure how I would build such a team either. Could go with 3 infantry to really push the pulses. Or my usual preference of 1 Cav and two infantry to allow tactics buffs.

Like you say, +Atk for Eir would be a lucky pull, but +Res could also work for the Glacies builds, and +Spd is solid for non one-shot builds. It’s interesting that Glimmer worked out better than Luna for some cases. That suprised me a bit.

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Yep that’s true, but not sure how well they’d do on a Galeforce team due to the TA weapon effect, unless they were purely support heroes. Could make for an interesting team though if it did work out.

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I chose flashing blade on her because her speed is so good that it is no problem proccing, whereas her attack is a tad bit low for heavy blade. Besides, Naesala needs that.

Also, Roy has QP. Sometimes I have a little trouble getting Naesala’s Galeforce to proc against heavy ranged setups, but I have another team with Fae supertank, so there’s that. Usually he does just fine, though.

My performing Azura sometimes just oneshots something instead of dancing.

Really fun team, and getting two wins a day usually takes me less then 10 minutes.

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Yeah, I think Flashing Blade is easier to proc in general, as most defenses stack attack more often than speed. But Anna usually has my FB seal, and Peri has HB seal, so Olivia has to settle for HB in the A slot until I get some extra Mia’s that is. It works out pretty well though, since Peri attack smokes everything first.

Thanks for sharing your team composition, it’s cool to hear about other Galeforce teams. Also, do you use WoM, or just use assist skills to get everyone into battle?


I’m starting to think we have to just play for either colour or type coverage, like, make three galeforce teams with different can-openers depending on what the defense setup is (probably something like Ophelia, Lilina, or some anti-type dagger) and that leaves us two raiding parties so we can make a vantage team and one other option (maybe super-tank if we actually get a map where L.Alm isn’t hiding in the back with L.Azura)

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Both Olivia and Azura have WoM. I have desperationon Naesala and Roy though, because they need two hits to kill usually. I may switch Roy to WoM, Naesala is the heavy hitter anyway.

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