AR-O robin build's?

Hi, i have a question… How do you build robin? I want use robin (M) beacuse was my first character in the franchise of FE. I use this build for the heals and the damage with the special but i feel like no is enough damage so how do you build him for AR anyone can give me ideas? And… i’m the only person with the idea of use him in AR? xD


Looks like a mostly very solid build to me :feh_flaynfish:
Tannenbit is a very solid choice for a blue mage tank and Close Foil works great. Null C helps against staves and Firesweep enemies too.
The Threaten might not be too useful though, since you typically bait enemies from very far away. I would probably recommend something like Atk Smoke instead. :feh_eirikathink:
Mystic Boost is decent for extra healing, but with Tannenbit providing in-combat healing I would probably go with something that increases his stats more, maybe something like Distant Def? :feh_nini:


Yeah i use mystic boost beacuse he can gain +16 hp for combat (if he can double attack and for protect him from the dragon beacuse they calculate the def/res and he have close foil so he can’t counter attack) and which other C slot can be useful? And is a good idea that he have the S support with Corrin (M) for the yato or maybe L!Eliwood? Because are units that i want build

Mystic boost isn’t going to help the dragon match up very well. They take the lower of def/res with their skill, but if it’s disabled they default to attacking Res. Robin has lower res than def, so the adaptive damage won’t apply anyway.

Robin should have a different b skill. Newer ranged units can effectively use null C because of higher stats but Robin’s gen 1 and would benefit more from Lulls or special spamming for more damage or bulk.

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i would run robin like i ran my oliver before he got a refine
blarblade, close foil, null-c, atk ploy (because i had no pulse smoke fodder), and QR seal
40 base speed is about 5 or 6 speed too slow to ever catch up to speed stackers. like, seriously. i would leave it as is and forget that he even has a speed stat.
otherwise, blarblade +close foil + QR is a basic way to deal high amounts of damage and kill. it, of course, has major flaws, being that you have to buff the man, and many units run lulls, panic smoke, or just panic manors in general, but it really should be a extremely reliable counter to maps that aren’t packing a freyja or a edelgard.


And for the special what i can put him? I know that he can use noontime, bone fire and glimmer. And what about a ruptured sky?

well, if you run a bladetome, you’re not gonna have much luck firing off your special due to the increased cooldown. this means that whatever you run, expect it to not activate reliably. i’d do something like bonfire, while noontime could help.

Maybe something like this?. I like the blárraven+ but in AR the lull are so common or i can use him with tactical bolt for the grey units. (This build is from the builder to not use the skills yet)

I think that not tagged you in the message of adove :ak_nervous:

hm, if you were to go for tannenbit, i’d probably tell you to go for mystic boost and quick riposte, since that would provide mega sustain, because he really hits the bottom end of offense.

like so

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