Arash new jazz

guess the new standard is multiple hits attack despite it being only 1-2 hit


why didn’t DW give him a chant…

sure, it will take longer to farm, BUT STILL, WHY :fgo_badciv:

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Why does no one show it at max speed? I want to see how fast it is.

around 4 seconds

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So beautiful! I want this update now!

But also sad he didn’t get his Stella chant… Would have been awesome


Mmm… nice is nice.

But pratical, it is not.

We want to fast farm with Arash, but the new np animation is longer…

It does skip his death-animation, though - should make things shorter overall.

Let’s hope

Those animations look amazing and it feels like they updated his sprite as well.
Didn’t he gain a lot of muscles and age at least 5 years?
I’m not complaining.

I’m hoping DW will continue releasing those upgrades early.


Ideally we don’t want to farm truly repetitive stuff with Arash if we can avoid it, so adding a couple of seconds is no big deal.

…I’m pretty sure his death animation (if you don’t skip it) is longer than 4 seconds. And, since FGA hasn’t managed to figure out a whay to skip it without errors, it should ultimately save time for people using automation. :upside_down_face:


I think you got the wrong definition of “Ideal”. Obviously it is ideal for Arash to be the first to bond 15!


I know the NP has all the hype, but that extra attack effect/animation is almost as good as super orion’s extra :fgo_ereshlove:

but really if they make these multi hit animation, can they update the hit count along with it? The buster now looks like david’s NP and arash missed 2 of the 3 shots