Arcane Downfall + Vital Astra worth it?

Thinking of giving vital astra to Ganglot, then to a speedy axe like N Hana, maybe F Shez if I get more merges. Ganglot won’t make much of VA of course, but it’s really for the fast axe units.

Is it worth it to give to said speedy axe units, if VA is a 2 CD, and downfall is a -1 slaying with +1 CD? Or stick with another special like bonfire or iceberg or aether?

  • Yes — do it!
  • No
  • Long live Dedue and other armor axe units

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Thanks in advance

I did it, and I didn’t regret it at all.


I’m also thinking about doing it

pretend it’s spd refined, builder didn’t have it fully implemented at the time


I guess as long as you plan to give it to more than 1 unit, sure


Definitely worth it especially if you’re already wanting to give the scythe.
Same principle, I’m hoping to get a Flame Lyn to give her and use the 2 remaining copies (of 3) I got to give Godlike Reflexes and Spd Smoke 4 to Soleil and to Ninja Hana with the scythes.


I wouldn’t do it on Shez, personally - her PRF is perfectly strong - but it is a combo that works well.


So far unanimous — I dig it. I just hate wasting that +1 CD in Downfall when VA is already only 2 CD (but 1 CD with the same Downfall).

@Thehalohedgehog finally pulling the trigger in spite of her sun wing? Then again if you gave her velocity, that’s still pretty good with tempo.


Ah, but see, you aren’t.

If you aren’t running tempo (and neither is your opponent) that +1 CD will let you break past guard, which is always nice.

Your opponent will need to run both guard and tempo in order to stop you charging VA, which is nice.


Losing her prf is unfortunate but thankfully the NFU seal can replace it, especially since rn she’s running a breath skill in her seal slot anyway, which would be redundant with Arcane Downfall granted the special acceleration wouldn’t be necessary with those skills anyway


Good point, sir!


True. Plus, she should be fun with a Different playstyle anyway


I try :catlove:

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I can (and do) this exact thing but with Special Spiral if you want to go crazy, but a DR B slot will give you DR stacking.

Now imagine the same thing, but with the scythe. Yes, it’s damn worth it. But if you ask me, GLR is better if you’re not planning on doing like a double Vital Astra craziness.


Great inputs thanks!

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