Arcane reruns?

Do we have any idea when Arcanes are supposed to have reruns? If I remember right, this mythic banner is their first rerun. Are there any other leads or do we just have nothing?


If Duo Ephraim is anything to go by then not only should these guys have 8% runs but also Legendary/Mythic Remix runs (potentially multiple ones at that) and also potentially Hero Fest runs. There’s also the rerun vote poll but not every one of them can win a poll – some will get eliminated when we get to the point where every votable choice has a Rearmed unit.

After that, it’s anyone’s guess.


Don’t think we have anything else to go on.

Anniversary is coming up and I could see some reruns on special banners there, but otherwise looks like L/M banners are the current place they’ll be rerunning.

(Which TBH is good, since it means there will always be a spark)