Arcanine, the neglected Legend

I love this dog and it has an interesting background too. Together with Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno, Arcanine is one of the legendary pokemon, as shown during the second episode of the pokemon anime. It is said that this pokemon is based on the mythical half lion half dog creature called Komainu who protects the shrines and temples from evil spirits. You can find these Komainu near the entrances of the Shinto shrines. Imposing and dangerous looking.

How does this mon perform in Pokémon go? Not so well.
Arcanine has some bulk and decent stats. But this fire type mon has the worst fire moves (although Fire Fang got a buff recently) and performs worse than even the more average fire pokemons like Flareon and Magmortar. Arcanine has good dark- and electric moves, but cannot use their potential because Arcanine doesn’t share it’s typing. So it’s a pseudo dark / electric mon and at best an average fire mon, meaning Arcanine is not good at anything. If it received a dark or electric typing, Arcanine would have been great. Or at least a fire move like Overheat would help. But no.

Loved by many I have read, but I guess not by Niantic. This legendary protector of the Shinto shrines is degenerated over the years and neglected like a stray dog.
Too bad, it’s such an interesting mon with a rich background who deserves much more love than what it has received.

Yes, Niantic is almost certainly like this…Those who fail the moveset lottery are doomed to be neglected forever in the metagame. Take Archeops, Staraptor, Tangrowth, Magmortar, Porygon-Z, and so many others. They could have been relevant due to great stats, but Niantic just sent them packing with bad moves.

I’m one of those people who loves Arcanine, and look fondly back on the old days of the game where it was actually quite good as far as Fire-types go. I remember going out of my way to find Growlithe nests to farm candies and the day I hatched a hundo Growlithe was a pretty exciting PoGo moment in 2016.

Of course, I didn’t have a ton of reasons to use Arcanine at the time. PvP, grunt battles, and raids were a long ways off from being implemented, and local gyms were mostly stuffed with Snorlax, Vaporeon, Gyarados, Dragonite, Rhydon - things Arcanine doesn’t exactly match up well against. Then came the huge changes with the Gen 2 move additions, and Arcanine took it’s first steps into battle retirement when it wasn’t able to learn Fire Spin or Overheat. It’s only gotten worse since. Poor Arcanine. I’m hoping that a future moveset update gives the fire dog tiger some overdue love.

I just treat it like Typhlosion, Heracross, Ursaring etc…

It’s something that I like to pull out sometimes but nothing more.

I’ve been using those in a semi-regular basis.

It might end up like Regigigas.

I shouldn’t like Arcanine since I really dislike dogs,
but everytime I get a high IV Growlithe and have candies to spare, I evolve it to Arcanine and CANNOT for the life of me manage to hit “Transfer”.
Since late July I’ve wound up with 8-9 Arcanines (one is shiny and is begging for TM work to Thunder Fang/Wild Charge), and I’ve just started naming them after mythical gods and such.
I also have the same problem with Ninetales… (I might need help)

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Even more than that, having a stacked Arcanine on top of the gym was a flex. Dragonite sitting there wasn’t as cool, because most of the time you’d end up with a naturally high CP on a Dragonite, but Arcanine took some time to train and max out. Didn’t matter if your Vaporeon could beat it, it was on everyone’s want list.

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Keep in mind that there are no healing moves in PoGo nor priorities, and Arcanine has access to one of each, namely Aurora and Extremespeed, when neither Flareon nor Magmortar have.

I agree with you. Niantic does some rebalances once a while, but the real problem seems to me the neglecting of a lot of interesting Pokémon, and overpowering the other half.

If It would be more balanced, we would really have more variety and choices to pick from when entering a battle, instead of only using the ones with great stats and leaving your favourite Pokemons on the bench.

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