Archer Inferno Skills

Do i only level her 1st skill or is it worth to level the rest?

You should generally level all skills of a servant you tend to use, at least to 6/6/6 (if materials permit) for the reduced cooldown. With Archer of Inferno, her skill order is going to be 1 > 2 > 3.

thanks for the advice, i only leveled skills for favourites or merlin.
so again thank you for the tip

First skill is for more damage, second skill is for more consistency with absorbing stars and critting, third skill is for survivability in the form of heal/ max hp boost and guts. Though arguably her third is the least situational though it’s worth maxing eventually if you plan to use her often.

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First skill is a no-brainer. Level it up to ten immediately because it will make both her charisma effect better and also turn her in to a noble phantasm monster against saber and berserker bosses, it’s a great steroid because both the atk and npdmg buffs last three turns-- so if you’ve got some nice np charging going on, you can benefit from the steroid potentially twice in the same buff.

You don’t need to level up the second skill for crit absorption. Level it up for crit star generaation instead. Going from 30-50% is an improvement, just not that big of an improvement though, so it definitely can come second after the first skill, for cooldown and the party-wide star generation buff-- as an archer she barely needs the absorption.

Third skill is… you don’t level it up for the increased guts hp. You level it up for the increased max health and cooldown. +3k max health is basically a 3k self heal that can go over her current max health, and then you have guts on it as a bonus. At level ten it’s still seven turns cooldown though so only level this up if you really like her, like me.

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