Archer prioritizing


I have archer embers spread out over a lot of my archers and have been wondering who to start really working on or finish.

Here are the ones that have been leveled.
Nobu lv70
Atalante lv70
Orion lv51
Tristan 50
Euryale and Robin lv40


Depends on where you are.

Atalante is better for farming than Nobu unless damage is a specific issue; she rains stars and sets up a good following turn. But Nobu does more damage at np5.

Orion is quite good, but expensive. If it just need an ST archer, I’d actually pick Robin. Doesn’t need the skills leveled (although they definitely help) and his nuke damage will save you, especially if you grab a support Tamamo and manage to loop it. Very good in the break bar meta, when used properly.

Tristan’s utility is extra good. Euryale’s is too.

Gah. There are no bad archers. Just roll a die or something a pick one.

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Like Jake said the Archer class is saturated with great servants; so I would prioritize your choices based on niches:

ST/Arts/Anti-Male/SSR base stats: Orion
AOE/Crit/Team wide Quick support: Atalante
ST/team wide evade/debuff removal/NP self charge: Tristan
AOE/Buster/Crit/NP5/Anti-Riding/Anti-Divine: Nobu

While both Robin and Euryale are also solid choices; I think the ones above should take priority.


How very true. :rofl:

When it comes to Archers, the only question you really ask is who does the job better in a specific scenario.

Tristan and David have Harp of Healing for party-wide Evade.

Nobu is an easy NP5 for great NP damage and, thus, great for farming Saber nodes.

Atalanta provides tons of crit stars for the next turn and is one of the few who can buff Quick Cards until Skadi is released.

Orion and Euryale are male-killers. If it has balls, it dies. If he’s also a Saber it’ll be a massacre.

Robin would be your go-to nuke for any female/genderless enemy where Orion and Euryale aren’t as effective as they normally are (though Orion is still quite strong against non-male Sabers).

Pick whichever role you need filled then get to leveling.

On a slightly different note, Tawara, if you have him, would be a great choice for the coming Rashomon Event Rerun with his anti-demon specialty while Nobu will demolish Raikou when the Onigashima Rerun comes after Rashomon.


I want to suggest something but after reading @LeiCiel comment I don’t know what to said but follow his suggestions.


Start with Robin. He’s a low investment ST heavy hitter with evade.


Realistically nobu is your best aoe farmer, so prio her. For st, orion euryale and robin are all good. Depends on your preference. Lastly, i heavily recommend Tristan over Atalante. Atalante requires kscope to function. She offers little utility and stars should be made passively whenever possible. Tristan fixes quick team weaknesses by offering plenty of utility.


My opinion:

  1. Finish leveling Nobu first, like Haagen said, your best AoE farmer and also will be strong vs. mama raikou during onigashima rerun in ~3 weeks, so try to get her to 80 by then.

  2. Next, I’d actually level Tris, but only to asc3 lv70.
    Reasoning: His ‘S’ stat curve means at lv70 he’ll already be relatively close to his lv80 stats, so his gameplay value will be pretty close, too. And since he’s already at lv50 now, he shouldn’t need that much XP to get to 70. Also, unlike Cata he doesn’t have any interludes or rank-ups that require asc4, so you could save the mats for now.
    You can then use the saved XP to…

  3. Finish leveling Catalante to 80 (and perform her interludes, if you haven’t already).
    Don’t get me wrong, for hard content she’s the weakest of the entire list and her abysmal base NP gain isn’t fully compensated for by her 3rd skill, but

  • she’s already at lv70 and has reverse-S stat curve, meaning her stat gains on the last 10 level-ups will be huge
  • as aoe, she’s obviously your 2nd-best farmer, and farming is like 90-95% of the game, plus most of the time you’ll need more than one AoE NP to finish a node quickly
  • next event after the rashomon and onigashima reruns will be the summer 2018 rerun, which has a saber-mobs-only farming node that at highest difficulty would take rather long to finish with only one aoe archer
  • she synergizes decently with both Nobu and Tris:
    – Nobu can fix Cata’s NP gain some more with her 1st skill, and use the stars generated by Cata’s NP via her 3rd skill
    – Beyond Arcadia can mitigate Tris’ lack of an own NP damage steroid

After those 3, it’s basically a matter of what mats you have and what you think you’ll need next.

Some thoughts that might help:

  • Orion obviously has by far the highest stat ceiling (ignoring grails) and is the bulkiest (high HP, Evade skill, Def up skill) and strongest against males (Euryale loses due to her lower stats), but also the most expensive to level/ascend, and almost completely selfish (all skills only affect him/Artemis).
  • Euryale can do the “kill males” job nearly as well with far less investment, but is much more frail and much weaker against non-male enemies. Compared to Orion she has much better NP gain though, and that’s before her 1st and 3rd skill come into play, so her NP spam potential is actually quite superior.
  • Robin is the best team player out of those 3 (Harp of Healing, Charisma), more resilient than Euryale, good attack for a 3*, good NP gain for a servant with 3 arts cards, and - apart from Nobu - out of all your archers synergizes best with any support Merlin (Hero Creation!).

For Camelot, Orion or Euryale would be the safer bet to handle the “Male Saber” boss battles, but otherwise Robin would probably give the best performance/investment ratio for now.

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Nobu is helpful, but if you already have her leveled high, that should be no issue.

Tristan is a useful ST and packs support, not to mention he can protect his team with Evade. Leveling David should not be necessary if he is leveled.

I would level Euryale for Agartha, but not for much else unless you want a Male boss dead in the future, like if you haven’t beaten Gawain yet.

Orion will be better for all-around use than Euryale, but in my opinion loses to her in her niche and most other Archers in her rarity in performance altogether. Her 5* rating will make her stats high compared to your other archers, but at the same time, she is more expensive to invest in. I would recommend working on your other archers.

Robin is more universal than Euryale, so I would recommend leveling him for boss-nuking.

Atalante will not help you in boss fights, but can be used for farming, milking stars for the team if you don’t have EMIYA, or using her as a pseudo-Quick support.


You best farmer is Nobu, because NP5. And easier to ascend.

She will melt the final boss of Onigashima rerun event. The one after Rashomon. Anti-divinity is also kinda common trait.

Tota is anti-demonic, he will cause big damage on Ibaraki and her hands in the next event, Rashomon. But a Saber Rama NP2 Support is just better for this. At least he has Cu Chulain level survivability.

Euryale is cheaper than Orion, better NP gain because of skills 1 and 3. Only problem is fragility.

Robin is the to go nuke, and he works well with his skills on 1/1/1, actually. Just pair him with Tamamo/Mozart/Casgil/Helena for arts memes.

I say, level Nobu and Robin, for now. But do ascend best Cat, for the evade skill on Rank Up Quest.


Honestly as much as I like Emiya (Archer) as a character, I absolutely can’t stand using him in this game. Everytime I use him in even a mildy difficult node, he just gets wrecked, and his damage seems very lackluster. Might just be me though, Gamepress has him on a pedestal and my friend also likes him.


I love Emiya. I have him NP5, grailed, fou’d, skills raised reasonably high (6,7,7) and he wrecks anyone that isn’t a Lancer. If he has class advantage and I can get him to ideal conditions he punches >200k AOE damage with his NP and does fantastic crits after he gathers the stars.

Honestly he is gonna make my runs against 1M Banana in next event a piece of cake. I’m aware that Gil is a better choice in both AOE damage and crit potential but the stars EMIYA gathers in 3 enemy nodes is fantastic, Gil is very difficult to get as a limited servant, and EMIYA also costs less to raise.

He may be a budget Gil, but he’s a VERY good budget Gil.

EDIT: Emiya also often gets bonuses in events so imo he’s always worth raising for them.

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It seems to be a good idea to get Nobu to 80 and level others maybe on what I need except I’ll leave Orion for later since it takes more to raise him.

Also what should I do with some other 3 star and below archers as some have been leveled somewhat but I forgot to mention them.


Ugh, I just noticed I confused Robin with David in my earlier post…

Anyway, imo the only other lower rarity archers worth leveling are David (ST buster, making him work great with Merlin) and Arash (low cost, strong AoE NP, and his NP suicide allows to switch in a different servant).

KidGil, Tawa and Billy don’t really do anything that your 4* servants can’t handle already.