Archuria+Sherlock combination

I’ve never used archuria and I was thinking she may be excellent paired with sherlock thanks to her good hit count, plus the star gen buff for male allies, and also, her art quick deck, what do you think?

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I mean, they can work on paper? But the main problem would be the fact that Sherlock increases crit damage while Archuria deals most of her damage through her NP. Her stargen up isn’t that great, since it’s not that high as well, so 2030 is kind of a necessary. They aren’t that synergistic imo
But like, if everything goes well, Archuria can burst down the boss with her NP while Sherlock could crit off the mobs with his amazing arts crit. I think Artoria would benefit with the def down at the very least

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Could definitely work; her NP drain functions well with Sherlock’s NP seal, and he appreciates the arts up and def buffs she provides.

You’d need a lot passive stargen—Waver or Tamamo with 2030 and Holmes with 2030 should be enough.

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I could see it work tbh. Put in a Merlin, Waver, or CasGil, plus some 2030s and I think you’ve got a good arts crit/spam team. I wish I could try it out myself but I’ve got a lot of servants to raise and an archuria still to roll.

You need 2030 to make the most out of those crit buffs though as mentioned.

Crits definitely wouldn’t hurt Archuria’s spamming or damge potential.

I don’t actually have any 2030 tbh :disappointed_relieved: but alas I have his rightful place and chocolatier to make a tiny bit of stars, I was hoping the teamwide stargen buff would work, maybe if I put Merlin he can compensate the lack of 2030 with garden of Avalon

But since archuria has good stargen herself, I thought Sherlock could help her crit and spam her np at the same time, at least on paper sounded plausible, but I’m not sure
Edit: also Sherlock’s defense down boost the damage of everyone by a fair bit

Those could work…but you definitely want to ensure you’re critting pretty regularly. I’d test it out.