Archuria vs Chloe

Forgive my ignorance, but but what’s the biggest difference between the 2 servants?

Aren’t both Art NP Loop servants?

Maybe Archuria loop easyer?

Chloe has a 50% battery and free NP5 but only one turn art steroids + no inherent refund which makes her dependant on Arts chains.

Archuria has 3 turn arts and attack buffs coupled with a inherent refund of 20% at base on NP but no battery (in fact, her second skill costs 10% to use).

Chloe is not as good at looping but her 50% battery gives her a strong niche and a powerful contender against Archuria. In my case i haven’t even fielded Chloe once since Setsubun and before it i hadn’t touched her since Prisma Codes ended.


Thank you, that’s very interesting.

So Archuria overall seems to be the best choice (which i lack), even if Chloe has the best means to fast charging her NP from the start thanks to that battery

Just wanted to mention that Chloe with her 3rd skill can generate quite a bit of stars (I think she usually generates 36 stars with crits on NPAA chains).
Also, defensively Chloe is a arguably better with her evade plus a Crit damage boost.
(I say arguably because Archuria has a rather powerful heal and also has a Defense up, Chloe suffers from lower HP too)

I’d say, though they’re rather different units and perform kinda different, Archuria has the upper hand thanks to her natural SSR status.

I should clarify though that I’m unaware of Archuria’s generation capabilities, so I’m not sure if she can compete with the stargen aspects.

Another thing to mention is Archuria has some team support with her teamwide defense buff and her charisma + star gen buff for male allies. Chloe’s only team support is for Illya servants, though her evade comes with a crit strength buff, so she has some crit focus between that and her crit gen buff on her third skill.

Archuria’s NP also has a chance to drain NP, so I often pair her with other Arts servants that drain/seal NP to stop enemies from using their NPs.

I’m not too sure how comparable they are myself for star gen, I haven’t directly compared the two. Though Archuria does have two quick cards and from my experience she crits fairly often, which helps her loop.


So does Chloe, but her quick cards are rather weak, and she’s more reliant on critical hits to actually get her stargen rolling.

Chloe is not a looping DPS. She can’t recover gauge from her NP very well due to her low NP gain rate. Her strength in NP gain comes from her high NP gen in her arts card, which means for looping she needs to use her face card, which is luck based.
Artoria on the other hand can recover large amount of NP gauge from her NP alone, even without the help from arts loop enablers like Tamamo or future Paracelsus and Nero bride. Her looping potential is unparalleled amongst ST NP servants.
Chloe’s strengthen comes from how she is great in many areas without and support. IMO she is the most newbie friendly servant in the entire game. She has everything packed into her: a big battery, a strong NP due to easy NP5 and a decent steroid, great NP gain in her arts card, good star gen with her 3rd skill, a hard survival in her first skill and easy to use (no packing two good but independent effects into one unlike for example :fgo_ereshlove: second skill). She is something you get early and she is good for you right away without any special support (except maybe friend’s waver and a 50% NP CE of your own, which are very easy to get).

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I’m seriously thinking if it could be worth it skipping the summer banners and focus all the bonus Tickets and sqz we get into Archuria banner on September.

Archuria is not “double Tamamo + BG”-compatible, while Chloe is thanks to her battery.
Both can do NP looping (ST looping does involve face carding). Archuria has much better refund generally speaking but her lack of self battery is a serious drawback.

chloe has 50 battery so easier to fire off np but unless she crits cant loop whiles squirtking can loop easily and has team support

ıf you pair archuria with castergil and another support (helena, tamamo etc.) After first np she can reliably charge her np to cast multiple times

One has high NP refund and 3 turn Art up. One has +50 NP to access the second time faster. Kuro will need the art chain from support or multiple brave chain because np gain from quick attack is too mediocre.

As someone who started playing right before Summer 2018 event and has had NP2 Archuria since then, but also got NP5 Kuro shortly after during Prisma event:

Kuro is Bond 9, while no other of my ST servants - including Archuria - is higher than Bond 7.
And I must say I really like Archuria’s gameplay and animations.

But Chloe is just ridiculous in terms of versatility.
Her Evade, battery and NP5 make her good enough for participation in virtually any Saber boss battle (tho for longer battles, she’s better as backline servant, because she can come in and insta-fire her NP with any 50% starting gauge CE), and her battery also makes her great for farming nodes with a high-HP boss in the final wave (case in point: I’ve used her on both the bones and claws hunting quests as boss killer).

Basically, Archuria is better for harder boss battles (provided she gets the support to help her survive NPs), while Kuro is better for weaker/weakened bosses (that only need 1 or 2 of her NPs to be killed) and superior for farming.

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This is an apples and oranges comparison (though I admit it’s a really red orange and a really orange apple, but still).

Archuria is an NP looper with a dash of team support on the side. Chloe is a self-sufficent ST nuker. One is for proctracted battles, where Archuria’s NP refund, team buffs, and sustain can pay dividends, and she serves as a damage-engine to a dedicated Arts team. The other is for instant-nuking a boss in a farming node or easy/straightforward CQ, where Chloe can flex her NP5 welfare status and her 50% battery, and she can slot into any team without any hard requirements to function optimally.

Both are amazing, and they might look similar on the surface, but they are both doing very different things.

Overall Chloe (and i say that with Archuria as my star for every CQ …)

As stated from everyone else Archuria is the best ST looping servant with proper party support an NP refund; while Chloe is the opposite but she has an huge np charge and crits buff ( what i hope for second skill’s upgrade for Archuria)

They’re pretty different.

I get from your post and also all the other posts that the best solution is owning both then.

Good that we get a Archuria banner soon and Prisma rerun next year.

Bad that i’ll have less than 200 SQZ for Archuria banner

“Yes, yes, come into my parlor, Mr. Fly…”

This fly does not fear spiders, for said spider will give me the weapon to fight it.

Truly, DW. Giving away so much SQZ and Tickets during anniversary…just before summer…

I know, right? I feel like they are torturing me on purpose, throwing all these free quartz at me and then dropping a Best Fox Wife with Parasol banner! It’s been a serious test of my Skadi/BB-hotep saving resolve…

If i skip Summer, and get Archuria, i will save from September till next summer for MHXX and BB Summer.

Then, the next year i will roll for Nobu Avenger and Summer Melt/Okita

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