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Alright so I would like some help with my dark map because it has not been as successful as I would like it to be. It’s way too easy to snipe the Reinhardt without consequence it seems. What would an effective way to place these units be? I’ve struggled putting together an effective dark defense for such a long time and I’d like it to not keep losing. It’s even more frustrating when I look at my anima defense which has lost a grand total of like ~65 lift since Mira’s release (I know part of the reason for this is the huge disparity b/w light and astra mythics tho). Help and feedback are greatly appreciated and I’m pretty flexible as far as fodder goes so feel free to comment on unit builds as well!

I tried to avoid full team panicking from the manor and bolt tower shenanigans with their current placement but again…not as effective as I would have liked it to be in actual practice.

Also Sothis can be +5 when I get the Hero Fest compensation, and dancer Miciah is flexible as a teammate since Olivia pretty much shuts down Mila on all but the biggest of whale teams!

Holy moly, 4 hours without a reply. I guess people are sleeping.

I feel like Sothis is so far out back that she’d honestly rather have WoM than lull atk/spd. Solos are fairly meh on defense and you’d probably get more mileage out of… literally anything else. Sure, she’s pretty threatening as the last unit to take down but she’s not helping the rest of her team be harder to take down. She’s essentially just being a corner unit here and she makes whole defense team more like a 5v5 and then a 1v5 instead of a 6v5.

I don’t really like the idea of Special Spiral Ophelia on defense as much as her literal base kit Chill Res. Chill res also has the benefit of increasing Temari Eir and Sabo. Atk Mila immunity by 7 points, so Reinhardt might actually dodge those at times. It’ll still hurt Ophelia a ton though.

Also speaking of Ophelia, you could change odd atk wave for a drive of sorts and change Micaiah’s res ploy for Atk opening. It’s more consistent that way if you REALLY wanted visible buffs but I wouldn’t recommend it because… panic. Aversa on the field literally gives her -9 atk.

I also feel like Micaiah using ploys is a fair bit inconsistent. She’s pretty much only protecting herself, which is a pretty hard ask considering that anyone could start the map by checking the bolt traps, sniping Micaiah with Eir and then dancing away with Peony. I believe Chill atk or Chill def are the best uses of her seal slot, the former gives carry units a harder time to kill your team if the opponent didn’t optimize their raiding parties (which a lot of players don’t do) and the latter helps Olivia be extremely Mila-proof by up to 57 def Milas.

You… can’t really solve that easily. I dunno how much you value that panic manor over there, but you could at least switch it for catapult to hit a lot of offense buildings. Lane 3 bolt tower will still leave the team very open though.

That’s pretty much all I can say, I’m no expert at unit placement on ARD and there’s no simple solution to it that doesn’t reduce the healing tower’s range or just cause a different problem. I think my best input to this is to put Rein where Sothis is, Sothis where Micaiah is, and Micaiah where Rein is. This protects Micaiah more, Sothis can keep her lull, and Sothis gets to be a part of more action.


Sorry I didn’t respond, I saw this but didn’t know how to respond at first. Build wise, a couple questions/comments: why does Sothis have the solo skills? Is she usually alone at some point and gets good use of them? Personally, I have mirror stance and either death blow/hardy bearings for the seal. Good Ophelia, good Olivia, good Hel. Solid rein, I might put swordbreaker, because of units like Y!Marth, F!ike and Mareeta. Solid miciah.


In that position Sothis usually is the last one to be taken down but @Z3K ‘s note about her being effectively a glorified corner unit is pretty accurate based on replays. I’ll put MS2 in her A slot then because no Osain to fodder sadly! Should I switch Hardy bearing to Sothis over Ophelia with me swapping her and miciah’s places then? The build I have on Ophelia is what I currently use for ARO optimization but with DB3 in the S slot so I may run chill res on her because she usually only gets one kill before being offed so spiral doesn’t get much mileage here. Also should I move my traps so Sothis doesn’t die to a ranged unit smite to my bolt trap? And if so where? Or should I put vantage in the B myself and leave it as is?

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I’d switch Sothis and Micaiah and Reinhardt and Olivia. I don’t really like Reinhardt on that team since Ophelia covers that role better. Eliwood is a better cav on defense.

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I’m still building an Eliwood unfortunately and don’t have the fodder to make him what I want yet but I do plan to swap them out at some point for more physical offense on the team so I definitely get your point there! Though as far as a physical nuke I could certainly put my B! Lyn on the team instead of Rein! She does also have Fsweep bow with lull atk/spd to play with as well and obviously atk smoke!

I think the Rein should be placed one space futher back (either to Micaiah’s or to Olivia’s position) so his range will overlap with Ophelia and Hel. As of now he can be baited too easily and many units with decent res will be able to tank this budget build. I use Rein on ARD myself and while he has DB4 as well as lull spd/res some people still tank him successfully…

Another problem is that once Rein rushes forward the dancers can’t reach him anymore. The rally on Ophelia seems useless. Since she will likely rally first she won’t be able to reach Rein to rally him. Hence she probably won’t move at all but instead rally Hel? Then Olivia won’t move either but instead dance Ophelia etc. My amateur AI speculation :)

Finally it is fairly easy to snipe your dancers imo. The left one might activate the lightning trap but I personally wouldn’t care about that because any map is so much easier to deal with without dancers. Your units can’t reach the left corner of the map so it is a safe zone for the attacker. Olivia can be taken out even more easily with a flying unit which we have plenty of in light season.


Not going to write an essay but I do see a couple things wrong with this that are easily fixable/noticeable.

Put your Panic Manor where your Flier School is and move your school elsewhere. All I have to do is destroy the right Aether and the Feh statue to put down my ranged tank and that’s half your team gone in a single turn. Removing/moving the Panic Manor ensures I can’t do that as easily. This also prevents an easy snipe on Olivia.

Split up your Aether Pots. It might seem like a small thing, but at the end of the season when every pot matters it can either make or break someone. This can lead to an outright surrender or just a unit loss when there shouldn’t have been one. Lift is Lift and ya got to make the right calls to gain the most. If it means sacrificing a single unit to get another match then most people will do that if they’re playing competitively and have put themselves in that unfortunate corner.

Remove the lamp post to prevent a Micaiah snipe and maybe swap Rein and your Healing Tower around. Also swap Micaiah and Sothis around to overlap ranges perfectly. Doing so will, as said, overlap ranges but also make it so your traps are a little more deadly. You can’t test them like normal and Repo out. You need to Smite and then run to make sure you(The Offensive team) can get out safely without risking a canceled turn at a bad time. It also gives Sothis something to do while putting a lot of pressure on the left side where there is very little currently.

That was a lot more than what I was expecting to write but I hope ya understand.


I’ll keep this super brief because I’m lazy so it’s easier for you to read

  1. Rein isn’t untankeable get outta here Soren don’t trust him that much

  2. Overlap your ranges properly, atm the overlap is messed up lol

  3. Remember enemies can destroy structures. Look at your defense without them and see if it’s completely messed up.

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Alright we’ve updated! Switched some unit placements and skills, swapped rein for Lyn to get better matchup coverage since he and Ophelia did similar jobs. Put drive def and chill res on Ophelia and drive res chill def on Miciah. Sothis has MS in the A slot and S slot, though I’m not sure if that stacking is necessary and can definitely change the s slot to another skill. Swapped panic manor for a catapult to maybe snipe someone’s structures and spread out the aether pots. How we lookin’? Also real talk thanks for helping out! Idk why but light/dark season has always stumped me so I’m super appreciative of the help!!



I would break the pot above the fort and plonk F!Lyon or Nagi there.

Also if you break the catapult you can also solo bait Lyn.

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I was thinking the same thing


Got any suggestions for counter measures?

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Move B!Lyn to where the healing tower is, that solves the B!Lyn problem.

As for Oph idk. You could move the fort one space down, but maybe she’d be too weak to getting sniped idk

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Should I switch traps to match HT placement? A low-level AR me upgraded them without realizing their effect and well…you know…

But anyway should I move them or does the bolt trap apply much more pressure in trying to kill Sothis from the left than gravity trap?

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I would move the lightning traps up one spot, atm they’re way too easily tested. I’d probably move the heavy trap in somewhere too, because its also too easily tested

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How is this? Switched the lanes for bolt and heavy so I could gain back some of my unit’s hp after they get hit by bolt trap from the heal tower, it either hits everyone but Miciah in its current position, or everyone but Olivia in the heavy trap position.

What’s your fc? I want to try it out

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Lead is Astram in the academy hat!

Sent! Nice Astram, btw

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