“Ard” Thread 88: we miss Bread. Now we cant make sammiches. Guess Ill eat Sammich instead

Aight noomdles hit em


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The title reminds me of that one Liberty Mutual commercial where the lady talks about her car Brad lol


Braddley Pittonomous

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But yeah I think the June New Heroes could finally be SoV.

The Midpoint Banner

iirc SoV doesn’t sell very well, so if they wanted to slap on like a Gen 2 Dark Mythic unit, they could make some more money with it.

Yeah, and SoV doesn’t have very many units left so it’d make sense for an OC to take one of the slots :feh_arthurthink:

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Well it’s not like the 4th unit is outright removed.

But yes it takes the 4th slot on the banner.

And just now I remember the “extra” unit that’s given out from quests so the OC doesn’t really take up a slot :catsupine:

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If SoV does become the Midpoint banner I would be highly pleased.

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Because that would mean 2 demoted SoV units.

I would personally want Luthier on the actual banner as a demote and Kamui as the extra quest reward.

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What we talkin’ about?

When SoV might finally get a banner.

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I wouldn’t mind SoV. As long their isn’t any Alm or Celica

More red demotes are always welcome so seeing a Kamui demote would be nice


We would finally get a red inf swordie demote lmao

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Lol, weren’t the 3 most recent red demotes Miranda, Knoll, and Bantu?

I can look.

But yes we have gotten those.

Hmm… I’d like to see Kamui, Atlas, Mycen, and… Luthier

If Tatiana becomes the healer demote i might build her just because i dont have valentian healers, Silque is 5 star, Genny was foddered same for Valentine silque.

Think this’ll stay? :feh_arthurthink:

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