Are auto farmers against tos?

Are auto farmers like fate/grand automata against terms of service? I just want to make sure because I don’t want to get my account banned.

Botting/auto-farming/macros can get you in trouble in pretty much any online game. If you want to be safe, don’t use external software.

What I hear is: don’t announce it to people who can ban you.

That is, if you really want to use FGA, which is a godsend to lazy and busy people alike.

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I scanned through the ToS quickly and did not see anything explicitly stating that they are against the ToS, though I could very well have missed it, but I saw a number of ambiguous catchall statements that I bet they could get you under if they wanted to.

For instance, in #4 in Article 11, what determines whether Aniplex “consider you to be inappropriate as a user of the application?” I very much feel like if they wanted to, they could probably say people who use automated systems or bots are inappropriate users.

Similarly, #17 in Article 14: “any other act which Aniplex considers inappropriate.” Once again, this seems like a catchall statement that, should they wish to, they could catch botters in.

Ultimately, autofarming, writing scripts for common 3T setups, and even using autoclickers for opening lotto boxes is something a lot of people do. Like GrailedAstolfo said, it can get you in trouble in basically any game that does not explicitly allow it. I think it comes down to your comfort level. Personally, I have invested a huge amount of time and money into my account, so I stay away from anything like that. But some people are a lot more comfortable with it.

Realistically, like Frickboi said, if you don’t announce it to people who can ban you, you’ll probably be fine. For that matter, I’ve heard many times that the use of Emulators is also technically bannable, but look how many people use them and nothing happens. But if you, like me, wish to stay away from anything that could possibly get your account banned, I would recommend that you refrain. I mean, people have rolled 4 ssr in one multi before. Crazy low chances do happen. No matter how low the chance you’ll get caught is, I’d personally rather err on the side of caution.


Yes it is.
But will you get banned 99% no…Just don’t talk about it.

unless you use an external app to actually cheat the game in some way (fraudulent purchases, hacked ssrs, etc), you’ll probably be fine

dw knows that a ton of players use emulators and/or farming scripts, and if they banned all of them for that alone, they would lose out on way more money than would be worth it. since they’re still a business after all, and businesses typically don’t like to shoot themselves in the foot

-Using VPN

-Playing the game outside NA/Australia etc.

-Playing on emulators

is also forbidden. They need to ban all of the European players from the game if they want to enforce the rules strictly.

I would daresay, majority of people playing the NA FGO are probably breaking the TOS in one way or another without even noticing.

I personally haven’t seen any players getting banned for using some kind of automation app. But you might not want to risk it especially if you spent or are planning to spend large amount of money on your account. In the end, it is your choice.

If DW is benning emulators then it’s really their loss. FGO gameplay wouldn’t exist on Youtube anymore.

Yeah. Cause there is no way to record FGO on a desktop unless it’s with an Emulator.

This was sarcasm.

If it’s just a macro or autoclicker, I doubt they’d care. If the program actually integrates with the client somehow, intercepts data packets, or modifies game files, they would likely ban you. There isn’t much financial incentive for them to proactively weed out bots, so it’s one of those “yes, but also no” situations where, as long as you maintain plausible deniability, they probably won’t come after you. If they get an unusual amount of traffic on their servers from a particular IP, like you’re running a bunch of accounts at once to sell them or whatever, that would probably get their attention, but if you’re just a normal user who wants to automate farming, there’s not much reason for alarm.

LG and Samsung users can use Mobizen to record. I actually uploaded a video of doing doors just as a test. It’s pretty damn good for a phone app, though it did lag behind a bit on audio to video. I’d probably need a better phone.

When I can go through Gramps NP without it stuttering up on the blue flames that shoot up everywhere when he starts walking, i’ll probably fix that little issue.

I dunno about LG, but I thought later Samsung has a nice built in screen recording feature that is not limited in length. In my experience, it works pretty good too. It’s just if you want to add commentary to your video, you kinda have to shout to get your voice recorded clearly lol, probably better to record your commentary separately and merge them together

Even if it’s not and you could fight it and win they would just go back to the TOS and explicitly prohibit it then. What FGO might want to do though is what RAID did (or had from the beginning IDK if they had it at launch or not) and make an auto button they basically already added a replay button why not an auto button

Purely from a legal view, they’re very likely a gray area at best.

But playing on an emulator or from a region where FGO isn’t accessible from the GooglePlay store is a clearer ToS violation, and yet they don’t actively track down and ban those, either.

Furthermore, due to the way FGA and macros work, it would be hard for the FGO app or servers to check whether the input was from a human or not, and coding any such checks into the app or their servers would just cost resources and performance (on top of possible false positives), while potentially losing a bunch of paying customers that way. The game isn’t PvP and auto-farming doesn’t help you to save money or SQ (might actually make players spend more rainbow apples on lotteries), so there’s next to zero incentive to actively track down and kick out such players.

If they ever felt the need to shut down auto-farming, I think they’d rather take legal action / send a cease-and-desist to projects like FGA.

I doubt they’ll bother anytime soon, though.

Shotgun Shogun plays FGO and other gacha games on emulator and even so, he allegedly said that Aniplex/DW offered him a position to promote the game, IIRC

So at least on emulator, you could be safe playing it

Oh yeah, many big streamers and content creators who the devs are keenly aware of make no effort to hide the fact that they use them (though some have found clever ways to record without them, such as mirroring via Samsung Dex), but I believe as others have said as well, they can technically ban you for it. Especially with how widespread their usage is, I think the likelihood, again like others have reiterated, is next to zero. I just don’t advocate them since any chance above zero is too much risk for me. But realistically, you’ll probably be absolutely fine, they know people use them, a lot of people use them, and if they decided to ban them now they’d only be really hurting themselves. Especially when banning emulators would mean getting rid of a lot of big content creators who draw in players and bolster the community.

The only motivation I can think of for them to take action against use of emulators is if they are obligated by their publishing contract to prevent the use of the game software on unapproved platforms or outside of specific regions. Even in that case, they really wouldn’t really have incentive to proactively enforce such policies, as they know it’s likely in their best interests to have as many players as possible.

I could see them using it as an excuse to refuse to provide support, though.

If they were against emulators they’d probably do what RAID did and make it available on PC (even though I tried in on there and it was harder than I thought to get use to the difference and uninstalled it)

I swear I cringe each time I see this steaming pile mentioned. For all the advertising they do, the game remains a steaming pile.

Ehh I don’t mind it and it does have things that FGO could use like an auto run button and it introduced multi-battles before FGO introduced there’s. Plus I would like to be able to have PvP battles in FGO like RAID’s arena system does