Are emulators allowed for FGO?

I’m starting to have some battery issues with my tablet so I’m thinking of switching over to an emulator. I’ve read some conflicting information, so I wanted to know whether emulators are actually allowed or if it could get me banned if I use one? Also if they are allowed what is the recommended emulator and how would I go about getting things set up?

techically, I don’t think so

but tons of people use them anyways, and dw doesn’t seem to care, so…


I once heard the chance of getting banned is like 1% cause you’re out making a post on an internet forum about it.

Otherwise even if they aren’t allowed it’s hardly worth worrying about. There was another topic today on what emulator to use I think

as long as you aren’t inernally modifying the game in some fashion, it should be fine


I think they’re officially not allowed, according to DW
that said, not sure if they can tell whether or not you’re actually using an emulator

But if you lose your account, and say you’re using an emulator, they might be less likely to help recover because the emulator is technically against rules. So keep a transfer code safe if ever using emulators.


Dunno I used an emulator for 3 years still going strong I just switch to phone when I want to buy quarts because dunno why but I can never buy quarts on an emulator.

It’s not like they can easily check if the game is running on an actual phone or not. If anything, all they could do is check the device’s unique IMEI number and notice that most Nox users somehow all use the same unique Samsung phone (all those who didn’t change it at least, because you can just change it to match your actual phone if you want to).
But that implies that Android would let an app just go through such a personal piece of information without even asking you for permission.

As for trying to modify game files for cheating purposes, whatever you can do on an emulator, you can do on a phone/tablet as well. It mainly comes down to whether you bought a model that’s easy to root or not (means getting full control over the operating system, and it’s not rare at all).

Unless their legal team only includes technologically-impaired lunatics who confuse gut feeling and truth, I don’t see a reason to worry about it.

speaking of, I think I remember reading somewhere a bit back that android changed its policy or whatever stuff such that dw can’t lock you out of playing if fgo detects root, so there’s not a need to hide it anymore. can anyone confirm or deny this?