Are gacha games good for society?

  • Definitely good
  • Mostly good
  • 50% good 50% bad
  • Mostly bad
  • Definitely bad

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This video inspired me to make this thread.

I’m an F2P player, but I still notice my addiction to this game.


They’re aight.

How else would I gamble? Go to a fancy casino?


Good for… What society exactly? I can think of a slew of other things that are bad for society, but I don’t really see why a gacha is bad aside from having the poor souls that have no self control and spends their entire life savings on them, and they shouldn’t have even downloaded the gacha in the first place.


Neutral at best to bad for society, but like all fun things, they should be allowed anyway for everyone without reservation.

I too enjoy spending my hard saved orbs after many months only to still have the real possibility of getting royally screwed.

It’s gambling by another name. If it weren’t for the absurd level of perpetuation it has in Japanese culture, I’d wish for its existence to be eradicated, but since that’s never going to happen, I just live with it. If you want to gamble, casinos are everywhere. Now that it’s bled into stuff like gaming, it really sours my experience and respect for companies who could have used a different model than shoving RNG hell at their players instead.


Eh I wouldn’t say they’re good or bad. Like most games really.


If you think that giving children a way to gamble is good, then yes, they’re pretty good though.


Ofc not lmao but you have to be addicted to somewhat right?

Good for the economy and therefore the general welfare of society: Yes

Good for the consumers of the gatcha: No, gatchas are addictive and expensive

Eh no, that’s just money they get anyways.
Most likely those companies who’ve a gacha game are already millions heavy.


That’s what video game arcades are for. They’re basically just casinos for children.

I still think they are fundimentally bad, but the gatcha market does contribute to economic growth. It’s a money making business, and that means jobs.

I mean, it allows children to gamble, so they’re pretty bad


This is where it gets good.

Who’s truly at fault here? The children for playing content not suitable for their age, the parents who are still accountable for the content their children use, the creators of the content (I.e. IS), or the means of distribution for the content (I.e. Google Play/App Store) for not having stricter safeguards to prevent children from downloading unsuitable apps in the first place?

My 2 cents

I’m ok with gambling.


Definitely the guys who sell gambling to children


Who said it was specifically targeted for children though? Most gachas I’ve seen are typically rated for Teens. Not kids but far from adults too.

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You’re not wrong, but not right
Yes, a parent should stop children from playing gachas
But how can they?
What if they don’t know about it?
It would also invalidate trust between relationships
Also how would a kid know it’s a gacha, and how would they know it’s bad before they’re hooked?
And lots of gambling stuff is slightly targeted towards kids. Not most gachas, but things like baseball cards or whatever
I get what you’re saying, but allowing bad things to exist because somebody made a mistake isn’t good imo


I’ve wondered about how old the average gacha player is. I would have guessed mid twenties, with roughly equal people under like 17 and over 35. I’ve noticed friends as they’ve gone from teens to late twenties have still been into this sort of stuff, but on the down low, and much less actively in communities. It’s like we have to keep the real-life to gaming convo ratios at 3-1 or we risk losing our adult cards. Meanwhile, the content on the feh subreddit would indicate that the average age is like, super young. Couldn’t find anything for feh, but for FGO (which I doubt is very different).

So yeah, minors under 18 are a minority. As far as who have the bulk of the spending/addiction problems, I’m going to guess the whales overwhelmingly tend to be adults who have higher incomes, who are probably even more susceptible to gambling addiction.

As a side note, if I had a kid, I would not give them a penny to spend on a gacha or any type of microtransactions.

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That’s why I brought up those questions. I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to whether gacha games are “good” or “bad”. They just kinda exist. People are free to like or dislike them, but I don’t think you can specifically shift blame of gachas to the creators themselves.

They should, but ultimately a parent can’t control what a child does on their phone 100% of the time. Plus, like you’ve mentioned they can’t really know what’s on their kids phone either.

This is where safeguards can be put in place (like how some apps intentionally tell you in the loading screen about microtransactions).

I’ve always seen those as collectibles, and less of an issue, since they’re actually physical objects (which can be resold, legally) whereas digital content is kinda iffy since you’re not entitled to anything you pay and trying to resell isn’t legally allowed. Plus, it’s much harder to get ahold of stuff like that vs. being able to easily download an app.

Not to sound like a pessimist, but that’s just how the world is. Bad things exist and we let them exist for the sake of the people who indulge in them. Alcohol exists because of people like me who buys it every opportunity given. Drugs exist because people buy them to feel better. Gachas exist because there’s people who have money in their pocket and would spend it on random chance because they might just love the thrill of gambling. Whatever the reason is, gachas merely exist. They’re not bad but they’re not good either. Everything is easily abused, so I don’t see why gachas get flak for making money off of a niche audience. If people want to spend money on digital waifus, then that’s their choice.


Another reason why gacha companies can’t really be held too accountable either. I wouldn’t trust anyone to spend my hard earned money on some orbs, so if a parent is really giving their children loads of money to spend then you can’t really blame a gacha for that.