Are Leila and Matthew good for Astra season?

I pulled a +Spd, -Res Leila on the Mythic Banner this morning and decided to finally build a Matthew as her support partner (I will upgrade him when I get extra feathers to spare). I was searching for a second team for Astra season since my current one is running into problems. I currently have a +6 Naga and +1 Altina. Here are the builds I have in mind (with stat boosts from Naga and Altina):

I have an extra Larum for Disarm Trap and a Festival Xander for Close Counter.

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I’ve been using Matthew in Light season because he really appreciates the extra Spd and bulk from Eir and Peony (and the Sparkling Boost healing after his Miracle activates). Bulk is the main advantage he has over Broadleaf Fan users like Sothe, so I don’t think he’s quite as good in Astra season. That said, I think he is a fine alternative if (like me) you lack that stinky Fan that’s locked to an extremely hard to pull seasonal dagger unit. And Leila is a good partner for him since she packs a ton more initial punch and is a lot more threatening than most support units.

I wouldn’t go with Bonfire as Matthew’s special because most foes take so much damage from the Spy’s Dagger bonus damage that Bonfire will frankly go to waste most of the time. I like Miracle a lot, as it gives Matthew a safety net against some troublesome foes (particularly armored units).


I will keep those suggestions in mind. I was asking about Astra season because my Light season last week was pretty good and I see better results during that season.


Well to be frank, EVERYONE does better in Light season because the Light Mythics are just…a lot better than our Astra Mythics.

Naga and Altina are useless to me aside from positioning about 90% of the time. I find Altina pretty good almost everywhere EXCEPT AR, ironically. Naga, though, is just garbage no matter how I look at her.

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I will second the idea that Matthew is stronger in Light season, but he’s definitely able to run in Astra. He does appreciate the extra Atk Altina gives sometimes to kill bulkier enemies. :thinking:
Besides the story element, Leila also works very well with Matthew gameplay wise. She kills one enemy & debuffs the rest while swapping with Matthew, who then takes advantage of the debuffs to Vantage sweep. Not being able to have Peony will hurt positioning, but it’s still possible with some planning :feh_birbpeek:


It’s one of the reasons I want Triandra or Plumeria to be an Astra Mythic (I think the former is more likely considering where her story arc is going). If their weapons and skills as enemy units are what they will have when they become playable, that would be a tremendous boon for Astra teams.

I wouldn’t call Naga garbage, but she is not as good as she could be. I have her with Atk asset and merged up to +6 with max DF and her dragon-effective weapon has helped a fair chunk of the time as well as her Divine Fang support. Her problem lies with her too-balanced statline, Divine Fang, while useful, doesn’t have the same punch as some other Mythic Hero support skills like Brammimond or the recent Hel, and the existence of Thrasir.

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