Are schwarz and glaucus worth pulling?

Ever seeing schwarz and glaucus i really want them, but im not sure if im going to use them as much. I dont want them to do nothing but sit pretty in my base. Should i save up and pull for them? And if not are there any operators i should pull from?

From what I can tell, Glaucus is pretty orientated for maps with a lot of aerial enemies but her skill 2 seems decent regardless so she’s probably a fair unit to save for if you want her, especially since she’s only a 5*.

Schwarz is absolutely insane and can destroy bosses in seconds with her skill 3 if you keep them in range so she’s pretty safe to pull for too I’d say.

As far as other unreleased options go, Blaze is supposed to be pretty op and while personally I’m saving for Mostima for story reasons, she’s supposed to be pretty top tier too.

Alright thanks for the input, guess its time to save up

hey do you know when we can get these operators plz?

They’re doing things in a different order to the Chinese server.
When people thought we were going to get Schwarz banner we got the Magallan one instead. Then they randomly released the halloween skins. Now apparently we’re getting summer part 2 next
So when will we get summer part 1? Who knows :feh_lucyshrug:

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