Are Surprise And Lock On Chocolate Usable After The Event Ends?

I know that you can exchange from the shop after the event but was wondering if the chocolates were still something you can gift. Been focusing on just exchanging for items and the ladder so I have all the chocolates currently.

The chocolate exchange will end same day as event. The shops will stay for a week after. So it’s probably to better start exchanging all the chocolate CEs now.

Can we trade in chocolate exchange items for QP or something if we already got Valentines CEs from every Servant we own and still have like 100+ Surprise Chocolate?

I think someone mentioned that after the event ends we can exchange the random ones 10k QP each and the lock on ones 100k each

Eff me. Should have saved the lock-on ones then instead of using them first. :fgo_jeannu:


I used a couple of lock-ons when perhaps I’d be better off not doing so. 100k QP isn’t a huge amount so no biggie really.

According to this both Suprise and Lock-on choco will be for 100k each


Oh shoot, yeah you’re right! I must’ve mixed it up with the Flavor one

That’s pretty good, i still have most of them since i didn’t exchange the old CEs.

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