Are the boost missions really worth the 500 cc?

I mean, I guess I know the answer already but just wanna hear it from someone else. The rising souls are obviously not worth it and zenkai souls are now in the rush medal exchange shop so really don’t see the practicality behind such an option. Unless the 500 cc are less than what you ultimately end up spending ?

Nah. You can get rising souls anywhere and Zenkai souls are available in he Rush medal shop so I don’t think it is worth it. I have a lot of Rush medals and there isn’t anything useful there to spend on (except LF Gohan Awakening Z Power) so I just buy it from there. Again, I don’t Zenkai alot so, for me, it is definitely a skip. I think they added this because the content creators (YouTubers) Zenkai every unit that is released, so they exhaust their Zenkai souls. I heard that it was really hard for them so maybe the developers listened and added this feature especially for them (since they spend alot of money on the game).