Are their use cases for Gengar?

With the increase in Gastly spawns over the past couple of weeks, I nabbed a few high-IV ones to evolve. Then I realized that I’m not really sure what I would use Gengar for, especially with its poor defense.

With poison as a second type, it gets hammered by psychic types, which ghosts normally counter. As a ghost, it gets bounced by other ghosts. I guess I could use it for neutral damage against fighting types, but wouldn’t it make more sense to use a STAB option like Psychic or Flying instead?

Exactly, even Mega Gengar is in this awkward situation. Though it has way higher DPS, I tend to go for Mega Houndoom for much better surviving ability. I think Gengar can be used as a decent poison attacker (resisting both grass and fairy), despite lacking a poison fast move. If you’re okay to use an Elite TM for the legacy Lick, it’s a pretty good counter for the current Zacian.

In raids Gengar, and Mega Gengar, are used as a lead because of how glassy they are. Even against a Mewtwo, Cresselia, or opposing Gengar, they’re dealing a lot of super effective damage to the boss. Since raid bosses start with zero energy, you use Gengar as a lead. If you use it in the middle of your lineup it could come into the fight and immediately get taken out by a charge move.


The thing is, bosses use randomized moves. So a Psychic- or Ghost-type raid boss might actually be using Poison- or fighting-type moves (so Gengar would be ideal). Even so, as @Sir_Gwibbles said, use it as a lead to maximize early DPS, especially when you can’t guess the raid boss’ moveset. Full teams of Gengar are generally not advised (unless you like relobbying).

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I can add nothing to the above 3 replies.

Do not forget that megas boost attacks of the same type they are… So having 2 Mega Gengar at the start of the raid boost their attacks and then they can do lots of damage, if others use an Gengar to start their poison attacks are boosted too.

Even with Shadow Claw - Sludge Bomb Mega Gengar is great against Zacian I do not think that Lick would make a big difference (Save your ETM for another Pokémon).

implying there’s much usage for Fast ETMs :smiley:

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Just checked the spreadsheet, if not having Lick, Hex is superior to Shadow Claw thanks to its higher EPS.

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You are right ofcourse my mistake was that I used my MegaGengar also against Mewtwo should have changed the fast move. Thanks

I’m hoarding mine against the future signature moves on my maxed shinies, assuming I’ve not died by the time they come out in 2057 I’ll be the smuggest pensioner in the bingo hall.

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Especially all psychic raid bosses with a fighting charged move, Mewtwo, armored Mewtwo, cress can also be a case. Since the introduction of mega Gengar i mainly used this (in the first Mewtwo re-runs when I didn’t have enough co-raiders) and not the normal one. Maybe power up one for mega and an additional normal one just in case you want a second ghost (GirA and girO are also classic matches)

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